When you get a Netflix subscription, it means you can watch the movies and shows available on it from wherever you are in the world, albeit with a few exceptions. As it turns out, Netflix has a selective viewing policy when it comes to different countries. For instance, the Netflix US has a catalogue of 6000+ content, while the rest of the countries only have a fraction of it.

So how can a streamer access Netflix US from the UK? The solution is simple. With a Netflix VPN you can access Netflix US from anywhere anytime, without compromising on your streaming speeds or bandwidth.

What to do when Netflix Content is blocked in your location?

If you’re living in the UK but want to access the US-limited content on Netflix, your best bet is to get a VPN to help you gain access to the US catalogue in the UK. Good thing is that, we have just the solution. PureVPN can help you watch Netflix US in the UK with a few simple and easy steps.

How does PureVPN help you gain access to Netflix US from anywhere?

In order to get you access to the blocked content, PureVPN creates a passage for your internet activity to be connected through another mediatory server that belongs to a country of your choosing. As a result, you get to spoof your IP address with the IP address of the country you’ve chosen. Furthermore, it arms you with the power of encryption so that no one can read your data.

How to get PureVPN?

Signing up for PureVPN is fast and easy, just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for PureVPN
  • Download app for your preferred device
  • Install and login with your username and password
  • Connect to Netflix US – Done!

Is it okay to access Netflix US content from other countries?

Gaining access to Netflix US is not an illegal activity since you really are paying Netflix to stream its content through your monthly subscription. For years, Netflix did turn a blind eye to VPNs but since 2015, the streaming giant has added some updates to its anti-VPN policy.

It should be kept in mind that Netflix is not in any way oblivious to the tactics you use to unblock geo restrictions. Once it tracks your VPN usage, it will warn you with an error of content being unavailable due to unblocking or proxy usage.

PureVPN is committed to maintaining the anonymity of its services to provide you with seamless access to the content of your choice without giving away your VPN IP to Netflix. When it comes to services like Netflix, you need to make sure you’re using a VPN service that is reliable and has a convenient speed, and PureVPN offers the whole package when it comes to that.

Subscribe to PureVPN today and enjoy the best content on Netflix US.

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