How to Find and Replicate Competitor Backlinks

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Research and analysis of the profiles of competitors' links for key queries are considered to become the most significant strategies for obtaining backlinks to a promoted site. Thanks to the convenient and friendly PRposting service, you can easily understand how to prioritize backlink sources, how to find and replicate competitor backlinks, and what set of tools is better to incorporate to find trusty and ranking donor resources.

A professionally assembled team of experts will help you find high-quality backlinks that can be easily recreated on your own resource. This process should be approached very carefully and adhere to the necessary rules and instructions because backlinks are significant indicators for Google ranking. What does it mean? It's pretty simple and straightforward — websites with a big number of backlinks have more tangible traffic from Google, thereby giving you more opportunities to successfully promote your blog, website, or business in general.

Discover Aspects to Spotting Backlinks That Will Help with Your Website Promotion

The competitors of your website are leading and highly-rated resources at the top of search engines for queries that are interesting and useful for you in promoting and finding a new target audience. A team of seasoned SEO professionals and outreach experts will help you find (and recreate) backlinks that will help you get on the front lines of search engines. Just click here to learn more information and get a high-skilled consultation on specific issues.

After compiling the semantic core and identifying the most successful competitors, the next task is to compile a list of donor sites for these competitors. Thanks to its professional approach, PRposting will help you understand why a particular project is in the TOP and create an output strategy to promote your project.

Using the best link checking tools (MOZ, Ahrefs, Linkody, SE Ranking), PRposting consultants will help you check domain authority, analyze backlinks, find out link equity, and prepare SEO instructions and a step-by-step plan to successfully promote your website.

When selecting donor sites for your request, many important criteria are taken into account:

  •  site trust (how much link weight it can transfer)
  •  spam level
  •  topic
  •  regionality

Each project is characterized by its priority criteria, but the topic matter of the resource is always important. Probably, there is not a single SEO specialist who does not want to get traffic like a successful competitor and reach the TOP of search engines. The main thing to remember is that by ignorantly and irresponsibly duplicating links, you can only harm your plans. Qualitative development and building of a competitor's link mass is a painstaking work of specialists. You shouldn't just duplicate competitors' link profiles, because their mistakes will be copied too, lowering your ranking in search results.

External links continue to stay one of the key components in website promotion in search engines (approximately 60%). Therefore, PRposting advises SEO specialists to pay more attention to the external profile of their competitors in search results; analyzing them in detail and monitoring backlinks is very important for high competitiveness.

But it is worth remembering that this will be effective only with already rooted sites. If your site is new and doesn't rank yet, expecting super results is inappropriate for now.

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