How to Do Networking on LinkedIn

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Today, many would agree that LinkedIn is not just social media. It is a tool for finding and offering jobs, generating leads, developing business, and discussing professional issues.

How is that possible? Due to the networking principle lying in the center of the social media operation. LinkedIn’s purpose is to connect professionals working in different spheres for them to achieve success. Thus, everyone seeks to communicate and connect with one another. It is how businesses work.

Yet, you probably know that networking is not always easy, requiring lots of effort, even on LinkedIn. You should be trusted and have a particular image, skills, and connections to get into a circle. Besides, the way you communicate means a lot.

Read on to know how to build your LinkedIn network and use it for your business strategies.

How to Grow Network On LinkedIn

What are the factors that impact networking in real life? The right impression, communication, and background the person has. LinkedIn, like any technology, takes existing practices and integrates them into the digital world.

In this regard, everything depends on the elements of professional networking LinkedIn defines. In particular, they refer to your profile, the expertise you show, and the content you publish. This basis allows you to make more connections and reach more people. Here are the main steps to grow the network on LinkedIn:

Make the first impression with a profile

Before making any connections, one should think of the profile as it is the first thing people see. Thus, make sure that your profile is complete. It is better to fill every field related to the job, experience, studying, and skills.

First, it shows your expertise, which is one of the most critical things on LinkedIn. Secondly, a skill or workplace can become a ground for further connection or communication. Moreover, consider the summary you want to write on your page. It is an overview of your professional life. Yet, it should not be boring. Thus, add some values to show who you are and what you do.


Connect with people based on profession, work, or interests

The best way to network on LinkedIn is to connect with other people. You can start with the people you know. They can be your colleagues or people you studied with. It gives you a a boost to the profile. Why? When people see that you have many connections, they are likely to accept your invitation or request one.

Besides, you can target opinion leaders or experts even if they ignore your request. Try to find their email on the web. Of course, it may be someone you met at the conference and got an email address. As soon as you have it, write your new colleague a letter asking them to cooperate or continue communication on LinkedIn.

Yet, before sending such a message, use an email verifier similar to the one GetProspect offers: The verification of an email is essential for understanding whether your message will get to them.

Also, one of the ways to grow a network on LinkedIn fast is to connect with recruiters or HRs. They usually make many connections, and as soon as you connect with them, you open access to other profiles in their network. The justification is simple. If a person sees a mutual connection, they are more likely to accept your invitation.

Communicate in a friendly manner

Linkedin communication plays a vital role in networking. Before all, you should devise a personal approach to every contact you are targeting. It increases your chances for a response.

At the same time, you should try to develop relationships with them. How? You can comment on their writing piece you find interesting. At the same time, you can ask them questions regarding the industry or places they work at. Try to find common ground and use it to start a conversation.

The professional networking LinkedIn pursues is built about a dialogue. If you saw their post on one of the groups, write about it. If you saw them at a conference or have a mutual connection, start with it.

Yet, remember that you should interest a person. Thus, try to offer value or be clear about your intentions.

Post articles and share your vision

To grow your network on LinkedIn, you need to devote enough time to content and publications. Why? It is a way to show your expertise and appeal to people. Besides, if the content is helpful and relevant, it can be seen by other people.

In particular, the more likes and shares it has, the more people would see your post. If they like it, they can even follow you or connect with you.

Notably, it can be used for link building for your website. uSERP did a study that revealed 84.39% of experts believe that link building has a big impact on brand authority.

Imagine you did research and provided some of them on your LinkedIn. When you post valuable information, people can resort to it when writing the blog articles or contact you as a researcher. It can add to your website traffic and facilitate promotion.

Thus, post your thoughts and back them with the research to add credibility and improve the brand image.

Target groups and share your thoughts

How to build your LinkedIn network using groups? In this social media, you can enter groups to communicate there. Such groups can focus on a specific profession, industry, niche, or operation.

Notably, many people post their thoughts, insights, and experiences there. For you, it is a chance to comment and start a discussion that can grow into a new connection. Therefore, target groups, in which you will feel yourself an expert, or create your own to build a new community.

Moreover, such groups are a source for the opinion leaders whom you can write. You can compose an InMail message or use one of the email finders with a LinkedIn extension to extract email and contact them directly.

Apply for a digital event

Lastly, try to take part in digital events.They are the same as conferences in real life where you can ask questions and meet new people. At the same time, it is a place for exchanging experiences. By participating in a digital event, you get another occasion to write to business people and make more connections.

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