How to Choose the Best Mobile Device for Gaming

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Imagine what it was like playing a game on your mobile phone ten years ago? Now think about how much mobile technology has changed and is doing so at a breakneck pace! It can be hard to keep up, especially if you love gaming on your phone. With new game versions, OS versions, and phone models coming out every few months, it is likely that the device you have in your hand is already outdated. We are going to breakdown the basics of choosing a mobile phone optimized for gaming. Fortunately, it takes nothing more than understanding the specs and pretty much decide which one performs best.

What kind of games do you play on your phone?

Before delving deeper into the specifics, it is essential to determine first the kind of games you play using your mobile device. Naturally, online games require a more powerful phone to run smoothly. Moreover, graphics also matter. If you compare the visual graphics of a bingo site, and apps for betting on your mobile to that of an online RPG game, then you pretty much know which one requires a more advanced device.

Indeed, the specs of your phone will impact your experience. As such, you must define how you intend to use your phone for gaming and so that you can select the right specs.

Android or iOS?

Many hardcore game enthusiasts would argue that an iOS device is not the best choice. But, if you go with the latest flagship model, then you are likely going to get the best specs the Apple brand has to offer. Another upside is that iOS phones get updated much longer and stays relevant, albeit some problems like shorter battery time. Unfortunately, you have limited options when it comes to content if you use an iOS device.

Now, there is no denying that Android phones win when it comes to a variety of downloadable content. Since you also have more devices, models, and manufacturers to choose from, selection becomes slightly more complicated. One of the reasons for this complexity is that some manufacturers tend to be less transparent when it comes to the kind of hardware used.

Choosing the right phone display

The display means you need to look at the device’s resolution, panel type, and pixels. In choosing resolution, higher is always better. Display type will also affect battery life and image sharpness. Right now, AMOLED is considered the best option.


Choosing RAM is simple because the more RAM the device has, the better its gaming performance. But in the case of CPU, it is not always that simple. Unlike RAM, the higher core the device has will not necessarily translate to better gaming power. Many factors impact the CPU’s performance. In this case, you need to look at how each device benchmarked so that you have a general idea when you start using it for games.

Lastly, GPU is almost always tied to the CPU. As such, higher CPU specs mean better GPU as well. In this case, there is no need to pay too much attention to this aspect of the phone’s specifications as long as you are satisfied with the display type, CPU, and RAM.

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