How To Choose The Best Dedicated Software Development Teams in 2020

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Our world is one that depends on technology and innovation–especially in the realm of business. Whether you’re running a large-scale company or a small firm, you may find yourself in need of completing a software development project. Unfortunately, most of these projects cannot be completed from within, meaning you’ll have to outsource the project. Choosing a dedicated software development team is extremely important. So much can rest upon a team’s expertise, pricing, and overall professionalism. You want to hire a team of professionals who can take your project vision and turn into a next-level reality.

How do you go about hiring a dedicated software development team? Can you know whether or not a team will successfully deliver the best for your company or team? There are a few ways to find the best dedicated software development teams of 2020, but first, you’ll need to know the basics.

Know Where And How To Look

Let’s face it, many software development teams can sound good on paper or behind the glare of a flashy website. In reality, not every team is the right fit for your job. In order to find the best match, you’ll need to know where and how to look.

Don’t Discount Word of Mouth

Is there a software development team that your friends or colleagues have hired in the past? It may be worth listening to their praises. If someone loved the work of a software company like DockYard or SumatoSoft (two of the best teams available today), trust their recommendation. Word of mouth reviews and advertisements are the best of any kind of service. Ask around and find out who those you respect would hire for the job and go from there. Odds are, if a software development team did good work in the past and has a good reputation, they’ll do good work for your company as well. Simply compile a list based on recommendations and then do your research.

Conduct a Simple Online Search

Let’s face it, typing best-dedicated software development teams of 2020 into Google will definitely yield some results. After all, most tech-related companies are going to feel right at home online. That means you’ll find the most options by searching via Google or Duck Duck Go. When sorting through options, keep an eye out for well-developed and put together websites. A well-thought-out website can speak volumes about a company and their attention to detail. If you’re not sure where to start, simply type in keyword searches such as “dedicated web development services.” Keep reviews in mind and do your due diligence as some reviews can be fake.

Attend Tech Conferences

Want to find the best of the best or simply want to know what’s new? Attend a conference or meet up. Software development teams tend to set up booths or stands at conferences or conventions. This gives you a chance to attend and discuss your project with developers face to face. Unlike simply typing a keyword into Google, you’ll get a chance to see your development team face-to-face and hold a more formal discussion. This should give you a good idea about who they are and how they operate.

Keep Experience In Mind

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential dedicated developers (no more than 4 or 5 options), sit down and thoroughly evaluate their skillset and experience. A fledgling company might do well with a small or simple project, but they likely won’t have the experience you need for a large-scale project. In order to make an informed decision, keep the following things in mind:

  • Experience. Consider the complexity of your project and make sure that any team has at least 2 years of experience. It is not that young teams don’t have the skill, they may not be able to take on or manage a large-scale project.
  • Prior to client references. Always inquire about prior clients and ask for a list of references. If they do good work, they’ll have no problem with granting you a list of previous clients to talk to.
  • Quality of work. If possible, request several examples of their previous work. A good product should be user-friendly, intuitive, fast, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Level of communication. Managing a virtual team isn’t easy, which means the ability to keep constant contact and receive updates is key. This is especially important in a complex project where there will need to be plenty of back and forth.

How To Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team

Once you’ve done all of the leg-work and found the right development team, you’ll need to undergo the hiring process. How do you go about hiring the right software development team? We’ve prepared a helpful checklist to get you started.

  1. Reach out with initial contact. Talk with the developers over the phone and then suggest meeting in real life or chatting over Skype.
  2. Sign PRD Paperwork. This basic paperwork will detail functions, work scope, time of completion, and overall costs. It is a list of all project requirements.
  3. Sign an FCD. This is a more detailed version of the PRD that focuses on the software product’s features and technologies.
  4. Approve a start date. Find an agreed-upon date in which the team can begin working.
  5. Control all Iterations. If you’ve hired a quality developer such as ScienceSoft, they will show you multiple variations on the product and give you any required updates.
  6. Wait for the quality tests. Get results from the QA team and make sure any release you have is without bugs.
  7. Deploy your software product. Once you’re happy with the project or product, launch it and train the in-house staff. This is when you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.
  8. Evaluate team performance. Finally, take the entire scope of the project into account and write a good review. If your team worked appropriately, let them know and offer yourself up as a reference. If there are any issues, this is a good time to address them.

A skilled dedicated software development team can help you every step of the way. Not just with product creation, but with the process of turning an idea into a reality.

Top Picks For The Best Dedicated Software Development Teams 2020

Need a good jumping-off point as you begin your journey to finding a good software development team? We’ve rounded up a few of our top picks for the best-dedicated software development teams of 2020 below.


SumatoSoft is an eminently adept custom software development company that offers an ample spectrum of functions, including UX/UI design, mobile app development, quality assurance, and MVP development, among many others.


DockYard is a long-running digital product company that offers software, mobile, and web app development. They are fervent on extending exceptional services in user experience, scheme, and full-stack engineering. They’ve worked with everyone from Netflix to Zipcar.


Developed in 1989, ScienceSoft is a veteran software development company that produces custom SaaS and enterprise unfoldings. They also offer software development consulting assistance and advertise a strong QA for support services. 

The Takeaway

No matter who you choose as your dedicated software development team, you’ll have the right tools at hand to find the company that will work best for your next project. Consider experience, references, quality, and recommendations. If you do the leg-work early on, you’ll be seriously happy with your product at the end.

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