How the Tech behind Popular Mobile Jackpots Works

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Mobile gaming has become the dominant force across nearly all sectors of gaming. For a time, playing games on your mobile meant invariably being subject to the freemium model. Now, there are many great titles that are more like fully-fledged games on mobile, with the likes of Oceanhorn, Samorost 3, and Tropico proving the inherent strength of gaming on the go.

Another key area of gaming that has seen its player base greatly shift to mobile is that of online casino gaming. The iGaming industry was quick to establish mobile-friendly websites and apps, and since then, they’ve developed a grand range of cross-platform games. Chief among these are the jackpot games.

Most gamers have played these games on their mobiles, with the ever-increasing progressive jackpots making them the most popular online casino games. Here, we’re looking into the technology underpinning the wide-spanning games and how this enables them to boast the gigantic jackpots that every player can actually win.

Deploying similar tech to multiplayer games

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The expanse of the internet has allowed for a great many technological advances in gaming, with online multiplayer gaming and massive online multiplayer gaming being the most obvious of these revelations. Jackpot slot gaming is a form of massive online multiplayer game, but instead of players featuring alongside each other as avatars, they spin their own version of the same game while each player is trying to trigger the progressive jackpot.

When examining the challenges that face online gaming servers that can support many players in one world, it was found that scaling interactive, detailed, multiplayer games to a large number of players is incredibly challenging – with lock synchronisation being one of the main bottlenecks. Progressive jackpot slots have been able to evade these server challenges by presenting what is effectively a separate game to each player, which they can play at their own pace.

The games are, however, still all linked to the server, keeping them all updated on the current size of the progressive jackpot. It’s a similar practice used with hubs of slot machines in land-based casinos, with ten or so linked to one computer. Online, the central game server can see thousands of players spin on a game at the same time via different screens.

Using the powerful servers to host mass-jackpot platforms

One progressive jackpot on a single game server that offers both the game and the ever-increasing jackpot – which increases as a result of pooling percentages of bets – is how it all started. Now, online casino platforms offer several different progressive jackpots that are tied to a whole host of gambling games.

This can be seen by the Daily Jackpot, Monster Jackpot, and Cash Boost Jackpot being played for across so many different games. These include Aztec Spins, Wings of Ra, Wild Nords, God of Wealth, and Arcade Bomb – all of which feature wildly different gameplay features, themes, and payouts but are tied to the same jackpots.

With the ability to provide multiple progressive jackpots across several games on one website, as the strength of available servers improves, more cross-game jackpots could arise. Even though there are over 400 games on the casino site, there may come a time when a progressive jackpot spanning the whole website is forged.

In any case, for now, progressive jackpots are utilising online gaming server technology to create undeniably appealing, ever-increasing prize pools to be won by any random player on any device.

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