How Technology is Changing the Travel Industry

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Technology is rapidly changing it keeps changing the way we live and travel. Consequently, the travel industry has seen shifts due to technological developments.

Here are some ways that technology has and is currently changing the travel industry

More affordable deals

Travellers have the ability to do price comparisons for travel options online due to technology, and this continues to contribute to the growth of the travel industry. More companies are coming up with different and better options, and it is also encouraging travel companies to consider and focus on brand loyalty. Price comparison websites like Bluepillow, for example, enable travellers to find the best prices for holiday rentals by pulling listings from online travel agencies. It enables them to compare prices and choose one best suits their budget and needs. With the ability to easily search for the best and more affordable deals, this drives the industry to meet demand for affordable travel and greater options.

Easy online booking of flights, hotels, etc. 

When someone wants to book a holiday, within just a few clicks and a couple minutes they can have flights, accommodation, and other travel essentials all booked and set up. The ease and speed in which travel can be reserved has significantly shifted the travel industry as travellers can take charge of their travel plans via websites, all on their own. What once had to be done through a person with a focused travel-search job can now be done by travellers themselves, and this has greatly impacted the need for more options available.

More environmentally friendly (almost completely paperless)

Travel itineraries and information were once only available via paper, but with the introduction of technology, these pieces of traveling are more environmentally friendly and almost completely paperless. Any chance we get to avoid printing a paper and save the trees is a welcome change to any industry!

Almost everything at the tips of our fingers with smartphone apps

Between convenience, reliability, and safety, traveling in general has significantly shifted. Now we have almost everything at the tips of our fingers with smartphone maps, including maps, dictionaries and translation apps, public transport, and rideshares. Between getting around a new destination, how to get somewhere, and how to communicate with locals, travellers have quick access to all these tools thanks to their smartphone.

Internet of things and big data

With the Internet of things and big data, standard travel experiences no longer exist. Unique personalized experiences are offered for travellers based off their online experiences and data, and customized travel is a major reason why more options are available and selected. Travel companies can use big data, for example, to figure out who their target market should be for an upcoming campaign or how they can personalize welcomes in the lobby for their guests.

Virtual reality

Individuals can experience travel from the comfort of their own homes with virtual reality, which can both encourage in-person travel and also introduce people to new and different places.

Blockchain technology is still in its initial stages, but it will change the industry even more in the near future. For example, it will help passenger identification, secure payments and valid travel reviews and opinions online.

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