The iGaming market is growing a little bit more every day. Only two decades ago, no one knew all those terms related to online gaming and the industry generated only a few extremely rare jobs. Nowadays, that's for sure, we have to reckon on iGaming.

What are operators and developers doing to keep up with the demands of the players? They put all their efforts into innovation, meeting deadlines and striving to provide us with the best in the industry. In any case, that's what they'd better do if they don't want their community to get bored and go elsewhere.

Mobile casinos are taken for granted nowadays and their performance is largely based on the constant changes they strive to keep up with.

Where does it go next?

Of all the developments in casino technology over the past decade, it is almost undeniable that the most eye-catching and important advance has been live dealer technology. This has effectively created a whole new branch of the casino industry and, according to some, has breathed new life into many casino websites. However, it should be noted that live dealer technology can grow and offer something far beyond what we are seeing in casinos today.

First, let's look at what live dealer technology has already brought to the table and how it works. For those of you who are not familiar, we're talking about real casino games that use console technology and streaming to create games with real dealers in a studio. Games with a rich and varied history, such as live blackjack with real dealers, are presented online in a way that we have never seen before.

But online casinos have not only offered the same games that we would see in a casino. Instead, they have been looking for ways to merge the real and virtual to create more exciting experiences. A good example can be seen with a game like Quantum Blackjack Live, which was created by top developer Playtech. This game uses real dealers, cards, etc., but there is a secondary game run via an RNG (random number generator) that can instantly lead to massive prizes.

Quantum games offer massive payouts

Quantum Blackjack adds another layer of excitement and sense of the unknown to the traditional strategic game of Blackjack, and you can see why players flock to play it. Playtech is aiming for similar qualities with its quantum roulette game, and other developers have released these twists on classic games with great success.

In addition to traditional live casino games – roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps – developers have also begun to publish live slot games. These are traditional slots, but they are played en masse with a dealer calling the action. If the slot machine lands on a winning combination, everyone wins. The excitement of the games is supported by chat features, making a generally solitary experience more social.

And yet, the most exciting element of the casino with live dealer is the abandonment of traditional card and table games for new gaming concepts. What kind of new live games have they created? Well, developers have released live game concepts from games like Monopoly and Deal or No Deal. The first one is an extraordinary creation, the action is played on the latest immersive 3D online slots based on the timeless classic.

Much more to come from the live game

But it feels like they're just scratching the surface with these live game concepts, and it's pretty easy to see the trajectory when you think of the amount of money developers spend on VR and AR technology. In short, we're not far from a scenario where you put on an VR headset and play an interactive game for money. This is further reinforced by the fact that the casino industry invests a lot of money in skill-based gaming.

All this – live casino technology, virtual reality, new gaming concepts – combines well. It's not clear where and when the end point finally lands, but those at the development level are very excited. For many years the online casino has been trying to imitate the terrestrial casino. They have succeeded in doing that with the technology of live dealers. However, it now appears that the online industry will use this live dealer technology, merge with other technologies, perhaps leaving the land-based casino industry behind.

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