How Tech Can Help You Travel The World

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If you read science-fiction from the 1960s, you'll find that most writers envisioned a very different 2019. None of them predicted smartphones, few predicted the internet, but many imagined travel would be much simpler. Whether flying through space beyond the speed of light or teleporting from one place to another, they did not think we’d be waiting 3 hours at the airport before hours on a plane.

That said, technology has enabled us to travel the world much more easily. There are many modern innovations that help us get around with as little fuss and expense as possible.

Here is how tech can help you travel the world.

Organising transport

Booking transport has never been easier. You can simply search for flights on Google and find the options that are cheap, fast, or fulfill any other criteria you can think of. The same is true with ground and sea transport, except you’ll have to venture beyond Google to a site like Bookaway.

In the past, to figure out the best way to get somewhere, you would have to ask around, possibly utilising the skills of a travel agent. Today, it can take a few minutes from your search to actually making the bookings.

Keeping track of your schedule

Part of the stress of travelling is that you have a number of different kinds of bookings, including transport, accommodation, and activities. This gets especially confusing if you are travelling to multiple destinations. For example, if you’re scheduling a trip through multiple countries in Asia, you’re going to have to deal with a number of flights, Airbnb or hotel bookings in different countries, and your itinerary in each place.

But technology has made this incredibly easy to navigate with apps like Kayak. You can connect Kayak to your email account and it will automatically create an itinerary. You can check it to make sure it hasn’t left out anything and can add bookings that haven’t gone through your email account. Kayak also generates a packing list based on your destinations and the amount of time you’ll spend there.

Keep your phone charged

The technology that has made travel far more convenient is, essentially, smartphones. They have schedules, as mentioned, allow us to make quick and simple bookings, map our every step, and provide a way out of sticky situations. However, our phones are liable to run out of battery at the worst possible moments, especially when we are using them so much. But there’s no reason to get into this quandary anymore. Power banks are widely available nowadays, and they don’t cost much either.

You can get small power banks that will provide one full charge, and these are easy to carry with you everywhere. I recommend getting a hefty power bank, though. These big power banks carry multiple charges and will charge your phone much quicker than a regular wall charger. They’re also very useful for charging your phone overnight if you are in a country with different types of plug points and forgot to bring an adapter.

Technology may not have brought us teleportation just yet, but it has made travel easier. It’s now cheaper and more convenient to travel than ever.

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