How Mobile Technology Could Improve Lives in Poor Developing Countries

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There is no doubt that technology has affected the lives of many for the better. Isolation and inconvenience are now a thing of the past and convenience, connectivity and accessibility has become the norm for everyday mobile users. So how can we use this technology to develop the overall state of countries and how can mobile technology affect and improve the lives of people residing in these countries? Taking a look at what the benefits are of mobile tech will shed some light on how it can be used to improve the lives of residents in poor developing regions.


The internet is a hub of information and when accessed through reliable mobile connections, users are able to view all sorts of information such as weather reports, crop information for farmers, market information for traders and health related information for those in need. By simply facilitating services such as information, users are able to improve their daily lives through learning about their circumstances and discovering how to remedy a dire situation.


Entertainment is a vital part of developing an economy. It is what attracts tourists and brings money into the country from all over the world. Having mobile access to information on entertainment will attract visitors around the globe and bring an influx of money with them, increasing foreign direct investment.

In addition to this, gaming has become a massive part of the online entertainment industry and as a result, developing such apps can also generate loads of money. A perfect example is UK casino sites like Novibet that offer players the chance of winning real cash the modern way.


Payment systems have been set up in developing countries such as Namibia, Zambia and Kenya to streamline transactions. These African countries are currently on the economic rise and introducing mobile technology to make payments provides users with a safer experience rather than walking around with cash in your pocket. Known for the danger in Africa, these countries would rely on mobile technology which would most assuredly better the way of life for residents of these countries.


The convenience of online technology isn’t limited to what you can do monetary wise, it can also improve lives by providing a platform where items can be purchased and resold or online shoppers can buy items at discounted prices by saving money, time and effort.

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