How Has Technological Progress Changed Our Lives?

Analyzing the progress of information technologies in the 21st century, it is visible how the IT industry has made a significant breakthrough forward. Every aspect of a human’s life is almost digitalized and controlled by various eligible applications and platforms. As a result, people became addicted to portable gadgets to simplify their lives, save time and assist in business processes.

Technological progress has definitely changed our lives, especially since the Covid-19 breakout. However, 2020 was rather a challenging year for the entire world. This sickness locked down people in their homes, and all industries had to proceed somehow. Thus, IT solutions were at hand to promote businesses and keep the workforce operating remotely. So today, we are at the peak of technological growth that is going to conquer more heights.

When it comes to changes, we have replaced many traditional things with digital tools we find more convenient and fast-operating. The following are a few ways technological progress has changed our lives.

Money transfer

The way people use money and pay for stuff they buy has changed significantly. There is no need to withdraw them in ATMs every time they want to purchase something. Instead, by having a bank card, they can use money via “pay pass” function. Or open a respective app on their smartphone and transfer the money online.


Another aspect IT has changed is the way people communicate. A smooth Internet connection, robust device, and available platform for online communication are all they need today. It enables them to carry out daily working duties as well as keeping in touch with family, friends, and relatives. Also, they can meet new people via meetville to keep new communications and expand their circle of interactions.


The busiest the world comes to, the less face-to-face initial meeting people might have. Even in a question of private life, high-tech has brought comfort and available opportunities to look for a life partner. There are many worthy dating websites to join with respective apps to download on a mobile phone. One of them is, due to which many singles have found their loved ones.


This aspect has transformed a lot owing to IT progress. DVD players or other stuff seem to be from ancient times. Nowadays, smart TV and streaming movies at home are available and highly applied in many homes. It saves money for going to the movies and provides more comfort.

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