How does web scraping save time and boost your business?

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The demand for data has grown exponentially in this era of digital transformation with emerging technologies and analytical power which is virtually available to everyone. Data has been established as one of the most significant aspects of any business these days. Web scraper facilitates the manual process of data collection and saves a great deal of time that can be further dedicated to reviewing, exploring, and implementing data management strategies.

Data can be extracted in several ways and can be a challenging job. This process involves a lot of work ranging from protecting the IP from being blocked to bypass the captchas, decoding the HTML source correctly, rendering JavaScript, data cleaning, and then assembling the data in a standardized way. For this reason, web scrapers as specialized tools and techniques are gaining momentum and have become commercially successful among start-ups, developers, and small to large scale businesses. 

What is web scraping?

Web scraping, also known as web harvesting, is simply the technique of gathering and storing data from websites in your database or spreadsheets. This can be accomplished manually by copy-pasting but automating the process is typically quicker, more effective, and less likely to create errors. Web scraping is the requirement of marketing businesses in the present time.

A large volume of data accessible on the web is provided in a format that makes it easier to gather and use it, e.g. in the form of downloadable comma-separated values (CSV) tables which can then be imported into a spreadsheet or launched into a data script. 

What are the potential benefits?

There are several ways to use web scraping for commercial purposes; but we will discuss some most widely used methods here in detail. 

Effective Lead Generation

Leads play an effective role in the marketing process and business development of your product. It might require a substantial amount of time to manually search these leads across websites and social networks. Web scraping tools help you gather lead information from numerous web pages in a short time span. Extraction from multiple platforms is easy and convenient, saves a lot of time that can be invested in attracting more focused clients. 

Competitor Comparison

Through web scraping, competitor pricing can be tracked and market optimization processes can be developed. Web scraping allows you to get information regarding price, price limits, trends, and demand and help you to improve your service and products. Web scraping can streamline this process, providing you with always up-to-date information for analysis.

Product Optimization

To know customer behavior and reviews on products is important for any business and web scraper works well for such information. It is basic logic for everyone to check for reviews online before purchasing a product. 

Reviews may have an inevitable effect on the purchasing choices of clients. You should also evaluate what customers think about your product so that your business can match up with their standards. 

Investment Judgements

Investment decisions are complex and difficult because it usually involves several measures before a thorough decision can be made. The most reliable way to evaluate an investment analysis is by evaluating the historical evidence. 

Web scraping gathers historical data more quickly and effectively from which you can load those data into a machine learning framework for model validation. As a consequence, financial companies utilize big data to boost the quality of research for improved decision-making. 

The Bottom Line

Web scraping is valuable not only for sales purposes but for banking, e-commerce, and many other industries as well. There are many web scraping tools accessible on the market at the moment from open-source software to desktop software such as Scrapy, Parsehub, scraping hub, Octoparse, BeautifulSoup and to name a few. These tools transform web information into reasonable data with fast-paced technology.