How does the development of technology affect the world of online gambling?

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The online gambling industry is a niche that is continually changing, especially during the last decade. Thanks to dozens of technological advancements, it became possible to enjoy all the functionality offered by the online gambling market in New Zealand. Those features include mobile gameplay, VR/AR games, live dealer titles, and much more.

If you’re relatively new to the casino industry, you might be surprised to get to know how this niche changed over the last years. While you access casino games right now, there are odds that you won’t be able to assess all transformations that happened over the last years. For that sole reason, we highly recommend checking out the following sections of our review to get more information on how tech innovations are changing online casinos in New Zealand, as follows.

Virtual Reality

When it comes to the most promising technology that is already actively being applied in the New Zealand online casinos, this tool stands out the most. This technology is actively transforming a wide range of industries and sectors, whereas a gaming niche is not an exception.

The use of VR in casino games has proven to be engaging and fascinating regarding both gaming experience and innovation. Since VR/AR titles are still in active development, gamers are also continually getting used to such games via purchasing headsets and special tools.

A wide variety of gambling sites in New Zealand are adding VR/AR titles to their portfolios. Players are welcome to try out dozens of table games, including iconic Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. Like it or not, but the gaming industry will soon adopt even more advanced technologies based on the use of VR/AR tools.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to the second-most important technology that shook the gambling market of New Zealand, blockchain stands out the most. We’ve intentionally divided blockchain and cryptocurrencies since their use might be different in most NZ platforms.

Blockchain technologies are being applied to secure the anonymity of one’s personal and financial data. The good news is that all well-rounded casino websites have successfully adopted blockchain technology. That means that players can be confident regarding the gameplay in a particular casino since no threats and data breaches might be possible.

The second use of blockchain can be seen in the payment section of any innovative NZ online casino. Before playing, you are most likely to proceed with a deposit. The good news is that the best websites allow people to use the most widely used cryptocurrencies, including an iconic BTC, to top up their game balances. Flexible use of blockchain, either regarding security or payments, make this technology a game-changing tool that transforms the experience of gamers once and forever.


It would be dubious about compiling a list of game-changing technologies without mentioning this feature. At the moment of writing, any reputable casino in New Zealand has either a downloadable app or flawless Web-based access available. The good news is that the best casino app in one of the featured websites incorporates a solid portfolio of games, appealing graphics, and outstanding user experience. It was hard to imagine an online casino with a mobile app a decade ago. Now, NZ gamblers can choose from dozens of apps to try out.

For some players who enjoy being on the go, mobile gambling seems to be the only available option. In such a case, don’t forget that a mobile casino that has decent conversion and optimization is a top-notch choice for you to choose. The next time you might be wondering what crucially transformed the gambling industry to an extent we know it now, don’t forget about this technology. We don’t doubt that it might be more pleasant to access slot games from your tablet or smartphone than from a personal computer.

Live Dealer Titles

We are perfectly aware of how important live dealer games are for contemporary gamblers. Most NZ gambling enthusiasts are actively looking for the best websites to access live dealer titles, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, or Poker. Those wondering how this particular technology has revolutionized gambling, consider that HD broadcasting was once a futuristic dream.

The gaming industry has developed itself considerably by opening, adding new features, and maintaining live dealer game rooms. They will never run out of widespreadness since they are popular due to engaging gameplay and innovative approach to broadcasting. Players of the past couldn’t imagine that it would be possible to tip croupiers, interact with other players, and feel the land-based casino atmosphere without leaving home. All those features have made live dealer titles so innovative for the gambling niche as a whole.

Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to say that AI is now becoming more popular in NZ gaming platforms. One of the most widely used features of AI in gaming websites is the renewed approach to customer support. From what we’ve manually observed, all premier NZ gaming sites have personalized chatbots responsible for solving users’ requests.

They might also serve as stand-alone customer support representatives, especially if they are allocated to essential questions from gamers. All of these technological tools became possible thanks to the widespread application of AI by the leading gaming platforms in New Zealand. They have become so advanced that some users might not immediately recognize whether they’re talking to an AI chatbot or a real customer support representative.

Final Remarks

Like it or not, but online gaming has developed dramatically over the last decade. Thanks to the mentioned tools, ranging from AI and live dealer titles to VR and blockchain have changed our niche for the better.

We hope that NZ platforms will apply even more advanced technologies to further innovate gambling experience for casual NZ gamers. As for now, don’t forget that all games and platforms underwent drastic changes to become what they are today. Once you want to track what transformed your hobby or occupation the most, be sure to remember the mentioned changes.