How Businesses Are Benefitting From AI During COVID-19

With the UK currently in lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus, businesses from all different industries have attempted to adjust, working remotely where possible and applying for government schemes to stay financially afloat.

As much as businesses are adapting to this new normal, there are many aspect the current pandemic has put at considerable risk, including sales, matching supply and demand, the forecasting of cash-flow, and much, much more.

With coronavirus having drastically interrupted proper functioning of businesses, these aspects have become significantly harder to operate. However, with the help of AI, businesses can improve these functions, easing their lockdown struggles and helping operations better adjust to the current health crisis, and all the restrictions it brings.

As AI becomes an increasingly prominent part of daily life, both in the personal and professional sphere, many companies have started to incorporate AI-driven solutions to help further their operations. AI-solution companies, such as Optalitix, have developed a mix of products to help a business thrive; enabling them to better understand customers, increase sales, and make various different operations considerably more efficient.

Whilst COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of a business, the benefits AI can bring are still as applicable as ever, if not even more so.

AI Solutions to Identification

Many businesses need to check the identity of customers and clients during onboarding processes, which is usually done in person with the help of an employee. However, whilst COVID-19 has pushed businesses onto an entirely digital space, many have explored solutions for their verification processes.

This is where AI can help, with AI-driven technologies able to conduct identification checks by analysing ID documents and comparing this to images of the user.  

AI Solutions to Sales

Certain AI-powered sales solutions can help a business to identify what types of customers are most likely to buy their products or services. Whilst this has always been a valuable insight for businesses, given the current situation, gaining a deeper understanding as to what customers are wanting is now more important than ever.

Especially given that the majority of insight from consumers is now online, with people doing their best to practice social distancing, AI-driven solutions can be used to analyse this data effectively, getting to the root of what people want.

By utilising this type of technology, businesses can help to optimise their processes to suit customer preference during the current climate, helping to increase sales and further promote productivity throughout the business as a whole.

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