4 Hotly-Anticipated PC Games To Look Forward To In 2013

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We might be well over half-way through 2013, but that doesn’t mean the gaming year is over yet – far from it. After the inevitable summer drought comes the equally-inevitable surge of end-of-year releases that has our wallets crying more than when a festively-generous Gabe Newell unleashes an irresistible Steam sale.

To ensure that your wallet doesn’t become the holiday home for a family of ironically-wealthy moths, and so that you don’t miss out on any AAA-gems amidst the avalanche of wannabe Christmas successes, this post runs through five PC games that you can’t afford to skip before 2014 rolls around.

1. Watch Dogs

This title has become somewhat synonymous with the PS4, since we first got a good dollop of footage during Sony’s reveal conference earlier in the year, but this early next-gen title can’t be ignored on PC. While developers find their footing with the new technology it’s the perfect opportunity for PC gamers to enjoy the best of both worlds – their setups they’ve spent the last generation tweaking to triple-FPS precision, and one of the first games for a console that boasts an incredibly PC-like architecture.

This title should perform superbly, even on mid-tier setups, so PC’s the perfect platform to enjoy this expansive, sophisticated and technologically-exciting title.

2. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

While it’s been rumoured for a Vita release, Hotline Miami has always worked exceptionally better with a keyboard and mouse. After the roaring success of the drug-like addictive nature of the first game, Wrong Number brings more gore, more guns and more gorgeous 8-bit graphics to our PCs. The enthralling narrative and the easy to grasp but difficult to master gameplay made the first one so insanely addictive, our love bordered on an obsession. More of the same is great, and seeing a conclusion to the story will be fantastic – now where did I put that pig mask and baseball bat?

3. Battlefield 4

A new Battlefield, a new version of the revered Frostbite game engine. Number 3 looked stunning enough on Frostbite 2.0, but Battlefield 4 looks like it’s going to be the silkiest, smoothest, shiniest and most scintillatingly destructive Battlefield to date. It’s more of the same, but considering how deliciously superb the last offering was, that’s by no means a bad thing. We’ve all seen the PC-based trailers running at 1080p and 60fps and they are absolutely jaw dropping – do not miss this title, and the intense workout it’ll give your PC.

4. Arma III

This list isn’t all about multiplatform games and how they’ll perform better on a good PC; which is why we’re celebrating one of the best PC exclusives available. It’s been on beta/early-access release since the middle of the year and the final release is imminent. Set in the not-too-distant future, the latest addition to the fantastically revered series features hugely expansive maps, stunningly near-photorealistic graphics and an enormous selection of weaponry and combat options. Sign me up!

This guest post was written by Tom McShane – blogger and PC gaming nut. These five are Tom’s most anticipated games he’s reading his PC for but, to be sure he can get blistering frame rates, he’s recently upgraded some gaming PC parts from Fierce PC.

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