Home Installations to Compensate for Increasing Technologies

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Everything that we do now is powered by electricity. Whilst children of past generations may have ventured outside to play football, they now just pick up a controller and play the newest FIFA game. Rather than read a paper book that we have checked out of a library, we download a novel to our portable reader. All of these endeavours are costing us money as energy prices continue to skyrocket.

There is zero chance that the energy companies who are so wilfully accepting our increasing power usage will freeze prices or lower them to accommodate for our new habits. We are providing the demand and they are so fruitfully, providing the supply. Therefore it is up to us to alter the way that we use power to accommodate for our new Playstation Fours and Sky Multiroom Boxes and DJ Decks by installing energy efficient technology. Naturally we turn to technology to pull us from the pit that technology has plunged us in to.

One of the simplest ways to use technology to lower energy costs throughout the home is with the installation of energy efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs can use as little as 1/8 of the electricity as traditional halogen bulbs, meaning that monthly energy bills are considerably less.

Astute Lighting managing director, Anwar Adam, believes that LED lighting will offset the costs of every-changing technologies: “people always want the latest technology and these almost always require more and more energy. Energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting can mean that people will not be paying any more at the end of every month even if they have invested in more gadgets.

This is changing almost every aspect of home life as the majority of people become increasingly reliant of gadgets and new technologies.

DFurniture Store director, Farzana Patel, has noticed a change in the way that people decorate their homes as technology improves: “there is more of a minimalistic approach to decorating homes and this reflects the increasing number of technological appliances utilised in the home. The living room may once have had a television in a cabinet – but now there are games consoles, DVD players, home computers, chairs with built in iPod docks. The home is become a technological epicentre as people spend more and more on the latest gadget.”

With energy prices confirmed to increase year-on-year for the next 6 years, now is the optimum time to invest in more energy efficient installations to help save yourself money.

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