Sick of feeding the pockets of the Apple Monster, or want to start paying for your “downloads” so not to be breaking the law. Well UK high street entertainment chain HMV have re-launched it’s digital service(yes they’ve had one for several years now) to include 10 million songs and the certainly very interesting UK Top 40 tracks for a meagre 40p per track.


This has mainly come due to the fact the cd singles market is dying with many now only available on download only which means going to iTunes or Amazon to get a “legal” download of said songs. HMV is obviously the only high street trader now of entertainment product and have now started to dabble in other entertainment forms to keep the business modern and up to date with the acquisition of the MAMA group (HMV now have their own branded music venues like the HMV Forum and HMV Apollo) which in turn leads to their ticket sales service through and are also having their own branded cinemas too.


What has pushed HMV to re-launch it’s digital was it’s multi-million acquisition of the digital music provider 7Digital. This then added more expertise in the digital music field and added a significant number of digital tracks to HMV’s disposal. 7Digital provides Spotify with it’s music and if you’re a user you’ll know the sheer scale of what they can offer to their customers.


So what does it offer over Apple other than the price? Well the new HMV digital service will be compatible with all mp3 players(previous incarnations had only wma support) and the majority of the tracks it provides have a bitrate of 320kbps to Apple’s 256kbps (some are lower on the HMV site due to “historical hangovers”. Not only this but purchased tracks can be synced using iTunes or Windows Media Player and if you happen to delete your track by accident, you can re-download without being charged again.


The 40p chart titles is only a limited time offer with no exact date for finish. Can HMV take a chunk out of an iTunes dominated market.


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