HMDX Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones Review

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We were recently sent a pair of  Jam Transit Bluetooth headphones to review and we have been testing them out for the past couple of weeks.

These are a reasonably low cost pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that should be available now from Amazon for around £56.

The headphones site on your ears, and are relatively small compared to larger over ear style headphones. Build quality appears to be decent for the price, all the plastic is coated in a rubbery coating giving a nice matte texture to them.

As with most Bluetooth devices nowadays setting up the headphones is very straight forward, you press down on the play button for a few seconds to switch them on and they will be visible to connect to any device you want.

We tested the headphones on a variety of tracks and found that they performed a decent job, with the bass being quite punchy. We experienced no interference whatsoever with the Bluetooth, even moving a few meters away from our phone.

The controls are placed handily on the right headphone allowing you to switch tracks, increase volume, and pause or play. They are a decent size so once you learn where they are you should easily be able to use them without looking.

A nice added feature is the speakerphone which will allow you to move between music and calls when connected to a smartphone via bluetooth. It’s a simple trick, but really ups the versatility of these headphones.

Comfort wise we found them decent, though we prefer over the ear type headphones typically, but these add bulk and is largely a personal preference.

Overall these are good headphones for the money and we would highly recommend them for people on a budget.

You can buy the HMDX Jam Transit Bluetooth headphones now from Amazon for £56

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