The smart thermostat market is really heating up in the UK (sorry for the pun). We have already reviewed the excellent Tado, and previously blogged about the BT owner Hive, plus Google's Nest is now available in the UK along with several other smaller companies.

We previously commented on how Tado was superior to the Hive because of its smart features that could respond to your location and warm up your house prior to your arrival home. We now British Gas is getting in on the action with an iOS update (Android later) that adds geolocation support to the Hive app, allowing users to receive notifications or set triggers depending on where they are.

One upping Tado, the Hive will also alert you if you have left the heating on when you leave the house.

This arguably makes the Hive a better investment than Tado as it offers the same features while being £100 cheaper to buy and have fitted (£199 vs £299) and it will also control your hot water while the Tado does not.

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