History of Home Competition Winner

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We received plenty of amazing entries for the History of Home competition that we have been running with British Gas. After reading over them all we whittled the decision down to 3 and finally settled on the entry from Paul McMillan on the blog Yossarian.co.uk.

We obviously appreciated the back-story to his item about how it reminded him of his farther but we also loved the record deck too, it looks beautiful and being gadget and music fans it really stood out to us as such great item.

We have been in touch with Paul to ask what he will spend the £500 John Lewis gift voucher on and the response was

“I really wanted to put it towards a new 55″ TV but was vetoed by my girlfriend as we are saving up to have our kitchen done, so I have been bullied into buying her a Kitchen Aid for the new kitchen with the caveat that I am allowed to buy a fancy TV once it is done which she will donate a little bit of money towards.

It should work out for the best though as I would like a 4K TV but they are just too expensive at the moment and hopefully next year the new generation of 4Ks will get more affordable.”

We hope you Girlfriend makes you a lot of cakes with that Kitchen Aid Paul, Enjoy!

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