HDR10+ certification rolls out providing Dolby Vision features royalty free

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Similar to the Blue-Ray and HD-DVD days, the current HDR standard is split with 2 standards, HDR and Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is the superior standard, and we have discussed the differences in the past, but the HDR10 standard has a trick in its sleeve with a revision called HDR10+.

HDR10+ delivers almost the same features as Dolby Vision while not having any royalties attached to it, and it is backed by some important companies, namely Panasonic, Amazon (Prime Video), 20th Century Fox and the original developer Samsung.

HDR10+ has been available for a couple of years now, with Samsung having it on all their 2017 lineup, but the industry still needs more HDR10+ output devices, which is why the HDR10+ Alliance plans to start certifying HDR10+ devices later this month. So far over 40 companies have expressed interest in creating HDR10+ devices, which will include UHD Blu-ray players, displays and other hardware.

Dolby Vision has some big players behind it too, with both LG and Sony supporting the standard, and as it currently stands there are no displays that support both formats so while HDR10+ seems like the likely winner, there are no guarantees.

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