Does HDR Make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 the Best Android Tablet Yet?

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If you are thinking of buying an android tablet there is no shortage of choices. They come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, and there’s a price point to suit most budgets. There is arguably one Android tablet that stands out above the rest, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Included in the box you will find an upgraded S pen, but if you want the physical keyboard, it will cost you extra. There are some deals where you can get the keyboard for free, but only in certain countries, not worldwide. This model has some small upgrades over its predecessor, the glass and metal design are much easier to hold, and more pleasant to look at than the plastic case on the old model.


What is HDR?

It has a nice size screen, at 9.7 inches, higher screen resolution than most other Android tablets, and is thought by many to be the best one of its kind to date. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a term that originally comes from the world of photography. The ‘dynamic range’ of an image refers to the contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of the picture. For smartphones and tablets, this results in dark colours being darker, light colours being lighter, and a wider range of colours to use. This can make the images look more natural, more as they would in real life. HDR TV’s have been around for a few years, but now the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 also has an HDR screen. For many people, their tablet has become an easy way of watching films, playing a game at an online casino or interacting with their friends on social media. The bigger screen can make using a tablet much easier and more enjoyable than a smartphone. As streaming video has become increasingly popular on different devices, from catching up on series on Netflix to playing live casino games in high resolution through online casino apps and websites, image quality is more important than ever, especially to those who enjoy such entertainment.

How Will It Help to Improve Your Online Streaming Experience?

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3's HDR technology does not mean all your viewing will automatically be brighter and clearer, as what you are watching needs to have HDR content for it to be effective. There is more content being streamed in HDR, but at the moment it is quite limited and can cost extra money. If you want to watch a program or film, or maybe play a game on your tablet, you want the graphics to be as good as possible. HDR will help to improve your viewing experience, and if you are one of the rapidly increasing number of people enjoying high-definition gaming, you will be very happy to have the clearest picture possible.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of just a handful of tablets with this feature, just adding another reason why it‘s the best Android tablet on the market at the present time. It was released in late March/early April and is available on Amazon for a little over £554 as of December 2017.



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