Hallods F43 : First 1280×720 PMP

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A lot of new phones and PMPs are claiming to be HD or can output 720p but this is the first to actually have a 720p 4.3”screen.


We’ve looked at the Zune HD and the Archos 5 in the past, both very good PMPs that can output 720p to your TV. The F43 itself has a 4.3” screen with a resolution of 1280×720 and has HD video support so you can watch sharper, clearer videos on the go.


It has 8GB of internal storage(not much for HD) but this can be extended via microSD. The F43 will play MP4, FLV, H.263, AVI and DivX files so its covering most bases but it lacks the “apps” ability of the other top PMPs.


Only available in Japan at the moment we’re unsure as to when it will or if it will be released over here. However our friends at Akihabara have said you’ll be able to pick one up from importer GeekStuff4U.

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