As reported previously, Haier are making a big push into the phone and tablet market. Along with several smaller devices, Haier are releasing 3 10.1″ tablets. All of them reasonably well specced, including one model with a Intel CloverTrail Z2560 processor. All of the models we viewed were really well built and ran smoothly, while remaining cheaper than other major brands (around £200)

Detailed specifications:

Haier PAD Maxi  1021

Haier PAD Maxi  1028

Haier PAD Maxi  1041

Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Type : AML8726-MX Cortex-A9Type : Intel CloverTrail Z2560 dual-core Saltwell with HTType: RK3188
Processor frequency 1.6 GHzProcessor frequency 1.6 GHzProcessor frequency 1.8 GHz
8GB Flash memory8GB Flash memory8GB Flash memory
Micro SD card reader (up to 32GB)Micro SD card reader (up to 32GB)Micro SD card reader (up to 32GB)
10.1″ LCD IPS screen10.1″ LCD IPS screen10.1″ LCD IPS screen
HD resolution (1280×800)HD resolution (1280×800)HD resolution (1280×800)
16:10 aspect ratio16:10 aspect ratio16:10 aspect ratio
Multi-touch capacitive screen (5 points)Multi-touch capacitive screen (5 points)Multi-touch capacitive screen (5 points)
2MP rear camera5 MP rear camera2MP rear camera

Press info:

New additions to the HaierPad Maxi series

The three new HaierPad Maxi models each have a 10.1” HD IPS screen (1024×768). Tech-lovers will appreciate the ultra-powerful dual-core (PAD-1021, PAD-1028) and quad-core (PAD-1041) processors. The large screen and 16:10 cinema-style aspect ratio offer impressive image quality, ideal for comfortably viewing films while

Excellent connectivity is ensured through Wifi, Bluetooth, a mini-HDMI connector and micro-USB, meaning it’s easy to link to other devices or get online.
Battery life is 6 hours, allowing for comfortable, convenient and relaxed use.

HaierPad 1028, the Maxi range’s flagship product, has several exceptional features, starting with its elegant, brushed aluminium case. The device is powered by INTEL’s latest-generation Clover Trail Z2560 Saltwell HT dual-core processor, with a speed of 1.6GHz. Blurry photos are out of the question when snapping away with the 5MP autofocus rear camera. User voice commands can be registered via an integrated microphone and voice recognition system. Close-proximity wireless communication is also possible thanks to the inclusion of NFC technology, allowing data-sharing on a high frequency between devices up to 10cm apart. Send photos or videos to other devices contact-free or pay in shops with compatible terminals. Take a step into the future today with Haier!