GTA 4 having issues with multiplayer on the PS3

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Well I finally got my copies of GTA 4. Yes I said copies. 1 is for the 360 in the office and the other is for my PS3. While I have enjoyed a few hours playing the game on the 360 at work I could not play online as it is not wired up for some reason.

On arrival at home I immediately installed my PS3 copy and went straight to multiplayer. Unfortunately with little success. It appears that the network maybe having some issues. I should not be surprised really everyone I know has bought the game, and I assume everyone is also trying to get online.

I seem to be either having problems connecting to the network, being disconnected when I do connect, having issues with the game actually starting and when I do start everyone immediately disconnects.

I have only managed to play about 3 minutes against anyone so far. Oh sad for me.

I even thought it maybe my wireless playing up so I ran a cable to the PS3 and connected it via that. Still no joy.

Oh well looks like I am stuck playing the single player missions for a while.

Edit: There are several threads in in the Playstation forums confirming these problems.

Online Unavailable Can't Connect to Multiplayer

4 thoughts on “GTA 4 having issues with multiplayer on the PS3”

  1. Well it looks like I can not even access multiplayer at all. Constantly recieving “Cannot connect to game provider please try again later”

    I have also tried setting up the port forwarding on my router with no look. I use a draytek vigour 2820 so not some cheap box provided by my ISP. I have tried it with and without Upnp and opening up the correct ports.

    I dont think there is anything else left to try so I assume it is all to do with the network being overloaded.

  2. try signing out of the playstation network first, then run the game, select multiplayer and it will ask you to connect then.  this has worked for me.

  3. I should of updated this post sooner.


    I tried that technique too but it didn’t work but that was last Tuesday. I was away web but on Thursday it was all running fine for me. There must of been a few teething problems that’s all.


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