GPU & DDR4 Prices could rise even further due to 20% silicon price hike

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PC enthusiasts are having a hard time. Lately, crypto-mining has surged GPU prices and created shortages, and DDR4 has been skyrocketing in price for over a year now.

I have previously posted that there is a chance DDR4 may start to see a dip in prices this year, but recent news could negatively affect this forecast.

The Taiwanese Silicon Manufacturer GlobalWafers has confirmed that silicon prices will increase by 20% in 2018, having a knock-on effect on every PC component from NAND to DRAM and even CPUs, GPUs and every other chip imaginable.

The shortages in silicon are coming from 300mm wafers, the most common wafers that are used when manufacturing modern CPUs, GPUs and RAM chips.

This is all due to the massive increase in demand across the tech sector for DRAM, NAND and consumer CPUs. The emerging cryptocurrency mining industry using ASICs is also generating a tremendous amount of demand.

GlobalWafers are ramping up their production, but it can’t increase the supply fast enough in the short term to cater to the growing demands.

So it looks like 2018 is going to be another expensive year for PC Gamers.

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