GPS add-on launched for the Archos 605

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Archos605GPSNo surprise to many, Archos have finally announced a GPS solution for the Archos 605. The unit is a In Car Holder for the 605 Wi-Fi PMP that turns it into a fully fledged navigational system.

The In-Car Holder will be sold for approximately $130 and in theory this will make it quite an impressive competitor to most dedicated GPS system. This is because the Archos has a much larger hard drive (30-160 Gb) and screen resolution compared to most similarly priced GPS systems.

The new system will use Tele Atlas maps and will be available as a European version cover 22 countries, a North America version covering the US and Canada, and a Chinese version.

The full Archos 605 GPS package will give you the following features:

Your Navigation

  • Clear, easy-to read maps on the high-resolution 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Easy and intuitive address, zip-code and POI (point of interest) markers for rapidly selecting destination points
  • Precise navigation with automated simulation inside tunnels, lane assistance, advance signposts and fast and accurate route recalculation
  • Traffic assistance, route planning, and speed control assistance in some countries
  • Gain navigation information on any location throughout North America, Western Europe and China
  • Get clear voice-to-text support through the car’s FM stereo (via the built-in line out), or the ARCHOS 605 WiFi's amplified built-in speaker

Your Media on the Move

  • Passengers can use the ARCHOS 605 WiFi to watch recorded TV shows and videos while travelling, such as keeping families and children entertained in the back seat of the car
  • Record TV shows in advance for the perfectly relaxed road trip
  • Rent and watch movies from the ARCHOS Content Portal
  • Transfer and store photos directly from your digital camera and create slide shows
  • Share your media with friends and family on their TV
  • Play games while on the go

Your Internet

  • Surf the web to visit favourite sites
  • Stream the latest news, online videos, TV shows and sports from websites – ARCHOS devices are the only to support Adobe Flash 9 for online video streaming.
  • Check email from any web-based service.
  • Access hundreds of Widgets, including world maps, weather, and currency converters

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