Google Simplifies Play Store Policies and Permits More Gambling Apps

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Last year, Google faced a backlash in India when it temporarily banned Paytm from its Play Store. The ban was said to be connected with an alleged violation of Google’s gamification rules by Paytm.

The situation was eventually resolved, and the ban was lifted. Now, Google has taken steps to simplify its rules in the hope that a similar situation does not happen.

Simplification of gamification rules for India

Google has simplified its gamification rules, to clarify the situation around apps for a mobile device that involves casino and gambling of any sort. These rules surround apps that often include access to mini-games and quizzes as part of their content. The access results from a monetary transaction and provides real-world value.

Using this type of app feature as part of loyalty programs is a technique that is popular amongst start-ups in India and many other countries. As a result, companies had spoken about the need for clarification from Google. This has now been provided, so app developers are aware of what kind of features are permitted as part of loyalty programs.

The clarification is not the only assistance that Google has provided. Developers also have access to a Play Store related online resource.

Launch of a new web resource

Google launched the ‘How Google Play Works’ resource to share information and best practices with developers. The aim of the resource is to help developers add features to their apps without violating Google’s policies. The good news for developers in India is that there is an India-specific section that can help them scale successfully.

Overall, the resource site shows developers how Google puts security and protection at the center of its processes and procedures. Developers simply need to follow the rules in order to not fall foul of any sanctions by Google.

Permission for gambling apps in the Play Store

The new clarification and support is not the only recent change from Google. The company has also permitted the addition of gambling and betting apps to the Play Store in 15 more countries. These countries are; Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

They join Brazil, France, Ireland, and the UK, where this type of app is already permitted in the Play Store.

The change took place on March 1, 2021, and involves apps such as casino games, lotteries, and fantasy sports. Of course, the apps will only be permitted in the Play Store if they are legally allowed in the respective country.

Developers have to complete the application process. They also have to be registered by the government gambling authority of the specified country.

India is not on the list of countries released by Google. This situation may change if the position regarding the legalization of gambling in the country evolves. In the meantime, start-ups in India can avoid facing the wrath of Google by ensuring that they stick to the rules regarding gamification.

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