More Google Pixel 2 Woes: Some phones making strange noises

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For a phone that has received so many positive reviews, it sure has a lot of problems, just hours after we reported that the Pixel 2 XL has some serious screen burn-in issues, it now appears that some Pixel 2, and to a lesser extent, Pixel 2 XL are emitting clicking and/or high frequency sounds from the call speaker.

So far around 100 buys on the Google's Pixel product forum have reported the issue of click and high-frequency sounds from the call speaker.

Users describe the ticking problem as like the second-hand on a bad watch that runs continuously when the phone is unlocked. The high-pitched noise, on the other hand, happens only during calls.

Users have found that switching off the NFC on the phone alleviates the issue.

On the forums, Google told users that “if you are experiencing the issue, you should contact [tech] support to discuss RMA options.” One user reported that Google agreed to send a replacement unit and test it ahead of time to confirm it doesn't have the same issue.

While this may be a small number of users, and likely not as serious as the screen image burn-in, it certainly isn’t doing Googles reputation as a hardware manufacturer any good. However, Samsung managed to bounce back from one of the most catastrophic brand issues last year with their exploding batteries, so hopefully, Google can rectify these issues with minimal fuss.

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