Google Home Believed to be $130 at Launch. 4K Chromecast $70

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We heard about Google Home at the annual I/O developer conference, it is basically a smart spear in direct competition to the Amazon Echo. It is a logical step for Google too, Goole Music is a big service for them, and Google Now is a voice assistant they have been pushing hard the past couple of years.

Good news is, that the reported price is going to be just $130 which is $50 less than the Amazon Echo. Obviously, this won’t convert nicely over to the UK, but I would expect it to be around £130, which is still £20 cheaper than the Echo unless you picked up the pre-order price.

A Chromecast Ultra is also rumoured to be released, it is a 4K media streaming device with HRD, and will cost $70.

Google is also apparently building a $130 smart router called Google WiFi.

I assume all this will be confirmed or denied at the Google Pixel even on October the 4th with the launch of (hopefully) 2 new phones.

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