Goodbye notches. The fullscreen Vivo Apex launches on 12th of June with its pop-up selfie camera

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The Vivo Apex made waves at the start of the year at CES, with the trend of notches emerging at the time, Vivo bucked the trend and tried something completely different. They integrated a pop-up selfie camera along with in-screen fingerprint reader, this allowed them to develop the Apex with a screen that covers over  98% of the front of the phone.

Vivo is not very well known int he UK but they are reported to have the 5th largest global smartphone share in the world with 7.2% of shipments. Along with Xiaomi and Oppo, the vast majority of their sales come from the Chinese market where Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Vivo, and Oppo account for 91 percent of the overall market.

The company is hosting an event on June 12 in Shanghai where it seems likely to unveil the consumer version of the Apex concept first showcased in February.

The phone has a 6-inch completely bezel-less OLED display with a fingerprint sensor inside the screen. Synaptics has promised its Clear ID FS9500 sensor will accurately recognise a fingerprint in just 0.7-seconds

Many of the specifications are unconfirmed but the pop-out camera will be 8MP and it seamlessly rises in 0.8 seconds when it is required and retracts after use. It will also include the flagship Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Vivo has also developed a new System in Package (SIP) technology to integrate the DAC and the three operational amplifiers together, reducing the need for circuit board space by nearly 60% compared to previous. They claim this frees up space for more battery, so we could possibly see an impressive battery in this phone.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will see a global release of this phone so we will likely have to put up with notches in our displays for a little longer.

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