Glider Touchscreen Gloves review

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Winter is coming, and using a smartphone while wearing gloves is generally impossible. However dozens of companies are now offering touchscreen compatible gloves which is accomplished by incorporating conductive materials into the gloves.  In the case of Glider Gloves they use conductive copper threads and fibers built into the glove’s yarn composition. These special yarns allow your body’s natural electric current to flow through the glove to your device, making it respond to your touch.

Most touch screen gloves we have come across generally only have a couple of fingers that are touch screen compatible but the Glider Gloves have incorporated the copper yarn throughout their entire glove and therefore all your fingers can work with a touchscreen.

Glider Gloves have also incorporated a rubbery plastic mesh on the palm and fingers that stop devices from slipping from your hand, we found this quite a smart feature.

Glider Gloves have provided us with a $3 off coupon and international shipping is only $8. So to buy a pair of their urban gloves the total cost is $29.99 which is about £20 which we think is perfectly reasonable for a pair of gloves.

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