How to Give Your Gmail Account That Awesome New Interface

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There is no doubt that Google’s services are the most commonly use and popular services on the internet today. As of 2016, Gmail, which is an email service developed by Google, had more than 1 billion users. That number has increased significantly and it is now close to 1.5 billion.

Google’s Inbox, which was released a few years ago, was the perfect solution for people who were interested in productivity and wanted more options included in the email client; however, for many users, the old Gmail works just fine.

The biggest problem that Gmail had was “old” as they were outdated design-wise. In a move to change this, Google has been trying to add make some improvements, and add some functionality and security. Google officially released a new design a few weeks ago.

What are the new features?

Gmail’s previous layout was all about clicking. In short, users had to click here and there to perform certain actions. The new interface allows you to access more options just by hovering your mouse over the Gmail account.

You will see four options on the far right: Snooze, Archive, Mark as unread and Delete. You are already familiar with all of these options except snooze. Well, the snooze option allows you to hide a certain email until you are ready to have it appear in your email account again. You simply need to click the option and select the date and the email will appear in your inbox on the set date.

If you want to access the snoozed emails, you can do so by visiting the “Snoozed” folder found on the left panel. In addition, if you get an invite, you can use the hover option to RSVP. This way, the email will be visible when you get an invitation.

Aside from the gleaming new look; Google has also made some improvements with regards to attachments. The new Gmail interface has attachments positioned below the first line of text from where you can open or download them. Depending on the size of your screen, you may not see them all. Instead, after the first few attachments, you will see a number showing how many attachments are there. So, you simply need to click it to open up the email.

For those who have previously used the Gmail app or Inbox on their smartphones, they know Google’s AI is integrated and provides suggestions for answers so that users don’t have to manually type in every word. Although it will not compile those long emails, a few short answers will be helpful.

As we mentioned above, Gmail has also improved security. But this doesn’t mean that the previous interface was insecure; however, the security warnings are clearer and simpler. Aside from that, they cannot be missed easily as it is a big red stripe informing users of a risky activity.

Google offers many services, aside from Gmail, and now they have decided to bring them all closer together. When you check the right panel, you will see three icons: Tasks, Keep and Calendar. When you click on each one of them, they will pop a panel where you can see your tasks, notes and agenda. One the tasks panel, you can drag an email from your inbox and drop it in the Tasks section.

Aside from the features that are already offered, there are a few that Gmail will get in the coming days. Google’s AI will remind you of an email that you didn’t reply to. It will also recommend newsletters that are not good for you and you should unsubscribe from them.

Easy steps for switching to the new Gmail interface

1)    Sign in to your Gmail account

2)    Clear the gear icon on the top right corner

3)    Click “Try the new Gmail”

4)    Give it a few seconds to load the new interface. A welcome window with then be displayed. Click “Next”

5)    The next window will require you to select the layout you want. Click on the options to change to preview so that can see the layout. Then click “OK”

This upgrade is something that Gmail needed and Google took their time but eventually got it right. As we mentioned earlier on in this post, Google will definitely add more interesting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t find the “try new Gmail” option. How do I enable the new interface?

A: Well, there are two explanations to this. It could be that the new interface has not been unveiled for all Gmail users, so you will want to check every now and then to see if it is available. If you’re part of a business or an organization, you will need to ask the administrator to enable the new interface.

Q: Can I go back to the old version?

A: Yes, it is possible. Simply click on the gear icon and click the “Go back to classic Gmail.”

Q: Is it possible to change the layout?

A: Yes, it is possible. Click the gear icon and then click “Change density” and select your desired layout

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