Gifts for the entrepreneur in your life

Christmas is almost here and if you’re still looking around desperately for the perfect gift for your business-minded friend then time is very quickly running out! Even if you’ve missed the Christmas boat, there are still plenty of ideas here that will keep you covered for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and everything else the upcoming year can throw at you.

Read on for a little inspiration.

Feed their love for stationary

No matter what business they’re in, from retail to hospitality, ecommerce to personal training, never underestimate the need for good stationery. It’s always a blessing if it’s there when you need it and there’s nothing worse than scrabbling around for a pen in front of a client. You can fill their stockings with logo printed pens, pencils and personalised stationery, stock them up with printer paper and Canon ink cartridges from and give them the gift of endless notebooks, organisers, pads and sticky notes. It’ll help them stay organised, give their stationery budget a bit of breathing room and it’s simply a gift they’ll use all year round.

Business magazine subscriptions

What could be better than your recipient keeping up with all the latest business trends and ideas? You can help them keep one step ahead of the business game with a monthly or even annual business magazine subscription. There are plenty to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that will suit them and their field perfectly.

A re-useable water bottle

We all know how dangerous spillages can be around computers and important documents and files. So, why not treat them to a gorgeous, reusable water bottle that hopefully stop any future spillages. Keeping a bottle on their desk will also help them to remember to drink plenty of water while they’re working, and a reusable bottle is much better for the environment then those plastic cups we use at the water cooler. It’s a win, win!

An ergonomic chair

There’s nothing fun about sitting hunched over a computer or laptop all day – and your back will certainly agree with you. So if your recipient spends a lot of time at a desk, try to make things easier for them and treat them to an ergonomic chair. Adjustable back height, lumbar support, padded arm and even a wrist rest or two will certainly make their working life easier and more comfortable. It might even boost their productivity.

Time to relax

Many entrepreneurs and busy business minds struggle to switch off and it’s easy to see why. So, why not make it easier for them? They might argue that they don’t have the time to lounge by a pool or spend a whole day at a spa, so meet them half way and spoil them with a 20minute massage or facial voucher at your nearest spa. They’ll thank you for it.

A care package

Remind them to take care of themselves and fill a box with their favourite things and lots of goodies. Chocolate brownies, herbal teas, bath bombs and salts, a glossy magazine and some new slippers. They deserve it.

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