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GESAB has been offering the so-called “control room desks” for a long time. It is a new concept for control centres based on design and ergonomics. These consoles place the operator in the centre of the control room.

The innovation, design and customization reflect these control consoles and are totally customized and created specifically for each client and need. Able to carry out any type of project and designed to organize high performance 24/7 technological environments.

Operator control consoles

The most advanced control consoles are those of the operators and we can find a multitude of options such as:


The first control console with a central column capable of adapting to each operator and centralizing all functions in one place, creating an unobstructed space. The elegance of this console fuses with the latest technology. It is home to the most innovative future for your projects. It has imminent functionality with the most advanced design. Simple touches on the outside and complete touches on the inside that will give the result of teamwork.

ADVANTIS New Generation

The most versatile console designed by GESAB is integrated into the experience for a leading company with the latest. With ADVANTIS NG everything is under control. Designed by people for people and prepared for total control.

ADVANTIS NG is the perfect machine, power and control, softness and firmness are the hallmarks of a technology at the service of the imagination, that is, creativity in an efficient and safe environment. A whole sensory, emotional and intense experience with its own identity.

ADVANTIS Evolution

The permanent work of engineers and designers in search of perfection has borne fruit with the technical console for control room desks that has set the trend in the market, unifying functionality, elegance, innovation and solidity in a single model.

Its natural flexibility helps to adapt to every need, every operator and every job in every environment. Advantis is the benchmark in the organization of technical areas with an unlimited capacity of configurations, clearly differentiating the space dedicated to computer systems from the space for the user.


A clean and organized workspace will be able to manage air traffic control or even industrial management functions, designed to be free of distractions and with great accessibility to the different connections. Improves operator ergonomics and active and passive safety elements are distributed throughout the console.


A balance between functionality and aesthetics. Single operator console. Sensations and efficiency that come together in a single platform. Its flexibility helps the design by allowing the console to adapt to each client's preferences and obtaining a space of operations that is ordered according to functional criteria. Formed with materials and shapes that adapt to your senses, creating a unique visual and tactile language.


Designed to organize 24-hour technological environments in a high performance, functionality, quality and design space in a single console. Managing high-value dynamic environments, as well as managing a large volume of computer equipment, with special attention to the cabling system can only be managed with ONE.

Technical furniture for control centres

Design and manufacture are the main mission of technical furniture for control room desks. All its designs are adapted to an ergonomic, safe, optimal and functional environment that meets the needs of the customer. The technical furniture has been developed to facilitate access for operators, maintenance personnel and installers. Being functional and accessible under any circumstances.

The key to customization lies in the ability to develop new and infinite projects tailored to the customer. Adapting to the highest expectations and allowing to create corporate spaces, being unique forming an image of communication more in the company.


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