Generating traffic for your website: PPC vs SEO

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The rise of modern technology means that a lot of our businesses are becoming or expanding digitally. By doing so, companies are able to connect and attract new customers. The first and foremost step to this is to create a website for your business.

How to utilise your website

While design and content play a major part, many don’t realise that marketing is crucial to the effectiveness of your website. Applying the right marketing techniques will not only help your website show up and rank high in search engine results like Google but also to generate traffic to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

With the goals of having your website show up on search engines in mind, you might be wondering how you can actually do it. Specifically, you would want to apply search engine marketing (SEM) to your website. There are two strategies to SEM, this includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

There are two main differences between SEO and PPC. The first is that the site visits from SEO are free and site visits from PPC costs you money, as its name suggests. The second is that paid ads appear above the organic list. The two do have their respective pros and cons and you may want to know about them before making a choice on which kind of search engine marketing to apply to your website.


Pros: Google users trust and value organic search results as it requires a digitally reputable brand to rank high on results. This is why there is a higher percentage of users who would click on organic results. The higher you rank, the more likely it will be noticed and clicked into.

Cons: Achieving SEO results can take a lot of time and effort. There is no quick or easy way to achieve this. This means your website requires SEO friendly content and building safe links, all of which can be difficult to master and expert support is advised when strategising.


Pros: Paid search guarantees your desired web page to show up on search engines, they are placed above any organic content. This is especially useful if you want to see an instant impact to your website’s traffic rather than waiting for the impacts of SEO to kick in.

Cons: PPC sees an immediate drop in effectiveness if it isn’t done continually, this means a constant investment is necessary. Unless you have enough funds for a prolonged PPC campaign, the positive results will revert back to its original state.

Which one to choose: SEO or PPC?

As seen from above, both SEO and PPC have their benefits respectively. While some companies might prefer one over the other, it certainly doesn’t mean you should only utilise one of the two strategies, in fact a combined use will allow them to support each other synergistically. This can be a complicated process and you can certainly find professional assistance with an SEO and PPC agency.

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