GE Appliances Integrates Alexa with Scan-to-Cook Microwave Technology

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Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos revealed at the end of 2017 that 20 million Alexa devices have been sold around the world. Launched in November 2014, Alexa has become one of the most popular and advanced smart home technology systems to date. The device can connect to many essential everyday items and has about 25,000 skills that work to make a user’s life connected and simpler. However, Alexa is about to learn a new skill and become even more impressive to its consumers. With GE’s new microwave technology, Alexa is set to become a certified chef in the kitchen.

Unveiling Alexa’s Cooking Skills

In July 2018, GE Appliances unveiled the Smart Countertop Microwave with Scan-to-Cook technology. This microwave utilizes Alexa voice control and a mobile app to enhance the user’s culinary skills. Owners can work with Amazon’s assistant to turn the microwave on and off, add extra cooking time, and change the microwave settings through a simple voice command. The microwave also provides scan-to-cook technology which interprets food labels to generate the perfect heat settings for any meal. A user will simply load up the mobile app, scan a barcode on any food packaging, and the microwave will automatically choose the appropriate time and power levels. The app currently has about 3,000 meal items in its database and GE has announced that the company will expand the catalogue over time. With this new technology, families can say goodbye to the days of overcooked macaroni and say hello to perfectly heated meals and the new age of cooking technology.

GE’s Time Sensitive Promotion

Besides the microwave’s advanced technology, its competitive price is also enticing. GE announced that the new smart appliance will cost customers about £105, which is comparable to the cost of an average microwave. Furthermore, if users do not have an Alexa-enabled device, the company is running a special promotion for some of its first buyers. For a limited time, new customers can buy the smart microwave and an Echo Dot, Alexa-enabled speaker, as part of a promotional bundle. For £119, this bundle will give users everything they need to explore the technology.

Companies are racing to provide smart technology that will make humans’ lives easier. GE Appliances has just finished the race at the front of the line with its affordable, advanced, and easy-to-use scan-to-cook microwave.

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