What to Look For in a Gaming Laptop

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Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular by the day. New technology is making it easier for laptops to replace desktops, with laptops being portable it makes gaming on laptops more appealing. Although I doubt that PC will suffer lack of demand from gamers, since the PC platform provides a superior quality of gaming graphics compared to gaming consoles. Gaming laptops will still be in high demand will their sleek design and also being able to offer full performance of a powerful desktop computer.

So what do you need to look for in a gaming laptop to make sure that you have spent your money correctly? Have a look at the factors below:

Make sure that the GPU is the first component that you compare when looking at 2 different laptops. If you have any extra money to spend then make sure that you use it to upgrade the graphics.

The processor is kind of important but depends on what game is being played, if the game barely stresses it this could mean that it will work fine with a Core i3. Sticking with a Core i5 will not hold back most games, a Core i7 quad is preferable but does come at an additional cost.

The image quality is also crucial for a gaming laptop. You need to make sure that the graphics match the GPU otherwise you are going to get a terrible display. Most systems ship with a resolution of 1600 x 900 or 1080p, but only gamers looking at a large rig need to push for 1080p. Also make sure that you read reviews and trust what tests have said as displays rarely look the same at home as they do in the showroom so don’t trust what your eyes are seeing all the time.

Also remember that you are looking at a gaming laptop and even though it is portable it may look slightly chunkier than a normal laptop and some of them weigh around 10 pounds. Gamers who travel a lot should keep away from behemoths and stick with a 14-inch model.

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