Gaming Gadgets and Tech: Great Gifts for the Gamers

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Buying a gift for someone comes down to understanding and knowing their personality. What do they like to do in their spare time? Gamers generally enjoy technology type gifts, and perhaps these relate to their favourite games, be that Final Fantasy or the best sports-themed slots. Still, it can be hard to know what to get, so here are some ideas for the best gaming gadgets and tech that make great gifts for the gamer in your life. 

Gaming Chairs

If they don’t have a dedicated gaming chair, this could be the perfect time to get them one. Gaming chairs are designed to help immerse yourself fully into the game. Some come with built-in speakers and even haptic feedback so that you can really feel that you are racing that car or fighting the enemy. Generally, they are designed to be flexible and move, which means many are on a rocker base. Again, this enhances the gameplay and really makes you feel like you are inside the action. Gaming chairs come in a wide range of colours and styles, so you are sure to find the perfect addition to your gamers setup. 


The headset and microphone setup of an enthusiastic gamer can really take a pounding. It is an essential piece of kit that makes them feel like they are part of the group when they are online gaming with friends. It is their communication and how they can make plans and execute the perfect moves to ensure their team wins. There is a myriad of headsets and microphones on offer, and generally, having an all-in-one setup offers the most freedom. There are both wired and wireless options, so you will need to know a little bit about their computer setup or the console they have in order to understand which would be the best. There is no doubt that a new headset and microphone combo could be the perfect gift. 

Handheld Console

At the end of last year, two powerful new consoles were released, and most gamers had been saving up for months to get their hands on one. However, many gamers do like to play on different platforms, and perhaps it’s time for them to get an upgrade to their handheld console. The Nintendo Switch is a really popular option and is also available as a light version for those who don’t have the highest budget. The Pocket is a neat addition that offers retro gaming and has only recently been released; it looks pretty much like a Nintendo Gameboy and allows you to play all of your favourite retro games and much more. You never know if you get them a handheld console. You might get them outside of their room and get to spend some more time with them. Pro tip it’s probably worth getting yourself a console two as generally is the easiest way to see more of them. 

Gaming Mobiles 

The latest trend in mobile phone design is the gaming mobile. Most smartphones out there have gaming capabilities, but mainstream popular choices like Samsung and Apple are designed with much more than gaming in mind.  Apple does offer the arcade and has put some substantial work into gaming, so one of the latest iPhones would be a good choice. Still, some companies have gone down the route of specifically aiming their mobile at the gaming community. This does mean that other features like the camera may not be able to compete at a high level. It depends on what you want from a mobile phone. For a dedicated gamer, a mobile phone devoted to just gaming could make them really happy and be the perfect choice for their next gift. 

Upgraded Gaming PC

Gaming PC’s are also built explicitly to very stringent standards, and each gamer will have a clear idea of what they want from their PC setup. However, it can become incredibly expensive incredibly quickly, but one advantage of building your own gaming PC is that you can change bits and pieces as and when you can afford them. So perhaps you could ask your gamer if there is anything they would like to upgrade on their computer at this time. Maybe the graphics card, the memory, cooling fans and more. There is always something that can be tweaked here and there to improve the performance and ensure they get the best gaming experience possible. 

Gaming Merchandise

If all of these things are outside of your budget, then why not consider some gaming merchandise. As long as you know what their favourite game is, you will be able to find T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more with the gaming merchandising in place. They will undoubtedly be delighted to wear their World of Warcraft hoodie next time they head out to the shops.

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