Gaming DRM Denuvo cracked within 24 hours for Shadow of War

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Denuvo was supposed to be the end to gaming piracy on the PC platform, famous cracking groups such as 3DM even quit the business due to more games using this new DRM. However, in the past year more and more games have been cracked. The first games used clunky techniques to bypass Denuvo, and it would often take months before the game was released on pirate sites.

Unfortunately, it now appears that Denuvo is no longer effective. With the release of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, it was cracked and available within 24 hours.

This year Mass Effect Andromeda was cracked in less than two weeks, Resident Evil 7 was cracked in just under a week.

Now that Denuvo has been cracked, it will be interesting to see if Warner Bros removes it entirely. Previously, Bethesda has removed Denuvo from DOOM after being successfully cracked, the developer behind indie title ‘Inside’ made a similar move.

Denuvo and other DRM techniques often come under fire from the general public as it can quite easily make running games difficult, and if you have no internet connection it sometimes makes playing a game impossible.

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