Best Gaming Apps for iPhone

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In the last five years since Apple brought out their first iPhone, there have been literally thousands of apps released for installing on the device, leading to a huge market in gaming applications. The games available range from puzzle games right through to sporting games, poker and bingo games. There have never been more ways to fill in your time online, even the shortest train journey allows enough time for a quick game of Candy Crush!

Here we will have look at some of the top apps for a variety of genres available today for the iPhone.

New out is Angry Birds Star Wars 2. All the Angry Birds have done well and helped make their designers Rovio, a household name in gaming apps. This most recent release has improvements to the design of the game, branching levels and the option to change characters to mash-up your game play. The only downside is that this is not a game that will take more than a day to conquer, but perfect for those wanting a quick gaming fix.

Next up we have racing game Need for Speed Most Wanted. This game is superbly presented and really is insanely fast. The main drawback is not being able to customize a chosen car. Although there are a variety of cars to choose from and they do all feel different from each other due to the simulated physics, you can’t make them look any different or customize them individually.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most frequently played games available on iPhone at the moment. The premise of the game is simple, match candies to clear the screen to move onto the next level. This app can also be played via a Facebook account, meaning you can swap scores with friends; request extra lives and magic candies. This game is highly addictive even though some higher levels can take days to complete.

The leading bingo app for those who like to play bingo online is Bingo Bash. This free app developed by BitRhymes has over two million players and is THE bingo app for all game enthusiasts. Real time and multiplayer games combine with power-ups, thirty ball speed bingo plus fantastic rewards make this bingo app an absolute must have.

Finally we have Limbo a unique and incredibly dark game that involves the main character adventuring into a dark and sombre world to find his missing sister. Many twisted fates await him and this game although simple to play sells itself on the futuristic graphics, mysterious storyline and highly intuitive controls. For those wanting something unique, this is the game for you!

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