The gaming industry is now serious business and the past few years have seen massive developments in gaming and gaming accessories. As a result, there is a growing interest in what will be newest as well as most innovative gaming gadgets to come next, and which of these are set to shape the future of gaming?

Manufacturers have been producing gaming devices more high tech than just mice, joysticks and keyboards for a long time now; and these types of gadgets are becoming more and more advanced. Examples of this can be seen with the likes of the Razar Hydra. This is actually the first motion-sensing gaming controller for the PC and provides a gaming experience at a new level. Extremely low latency and precision magnetic motion sensing technology allows super-fast response times by gamers, enabling them to take advantage of every second.

The future is likely to see the introduction of more gadgets that help to enabled augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go. The Microsoft HoloLens is really starting to revolutionise this industry and this looks set to continue. The Hololens is the first self-contained, holographic computer which enables people to interact with digital content and holograms. It is possible that gadgets such as this one will become a lot more common in the gaming world, creating an even more amazing, interactive augmented reality experience for gamers.

Affectiva is an emotion recognition software that is able to analyse facial recognition and non-verbal cues through a camera. Affectiva has recently entered the gaming market with their technology and the promise of delivering emotion-aware games. This is something that is likely to develop further and the software will react to player emotions, which could then mean that in-game experiences could be personalised. Player emotions and reactions could become part of games and affect the outcomes of gameplay, as it could be adapted to emotions.

For example, the software could pick up that the player was expressing emotions suggesting that they weren’t too happy and the gameplay could be changed to become more light-hearted or fun, to improve the mood of the gamer. This could even be adapted to enhance online casino games, especially live casino table action and tournaments which can be seen here. This would definitely add to the excitement and a real live atmosphere, by being able to see player reactions in games like blackjack, for example.

TreadGaming is a solution already out there that is able to turn treadmills and exercise bikes into game controllers, meaning anyone can play games whilst exercising. It is a small device that can be attached to the exercise machinery and turns it into a gaming controller, that runs on physical activity. The device is compatible with all games and can really add to the experience of first-person games, giving the gamer the chance to experience activities in the game such as sneaking and running; whilst they are actually doing this themselves, for example on a treadmill. This type of gadget that allows the player to participate in other activities whilst gaming is likely to become more common in the future.

Therefore, gadgets are going to become increasingly advanced as time goes on and this is just set to improve many aspects of the gaming experience. These are truly exciting we live and game in, and I for one, can’t wait to enjoy all the new and innovative gadgets that are to be released.

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