Gadgets for perfect World Cup viewing

The World Cup gets underway on June 12. For many, a month of uninterrupted football is absolutely idyllic, and you can expect many a man to be turning his cave into a World Cup sanctuary. So what gadgets do you need to make your World Cup viewing as best as it possibly can be?

Sony KDL-65X9005B


Let’s start with the television. This behemoth from Sony is nothing short of orgasmic. This 65-inch 4K TV has a screen resolution that is four times that of full HD, which is incredible. Sony have also gone for a peculiar wedged shape design but for good reason, the shape allows for larger speakers than normal flat-screen TVs allow. But the crème de la crème for any World Cup watcher is that the TV comes with a “live football” mode, yes a “live football” mode. This mode adjusts the audio to sound like a football ground and the picture settings become optimised for live sport. And while there won’t be many games in UHD, this TV can upscale the HD to make it look nearly as good as 4K. This is the Brazil of televisions.

Husky HUS-HY192 Mini Beer Fridge


You need to have a beer reachable for every waking minute of the World Cup. You don’t want to be getting up out of your chair and having to walk to the kitchen to get yourself a beverage. That’s where the Husky Fridge comes in. These retro, 50s design fridges are designed to fit under your counter, so accommodating them in your room should be easy. It is also has the capacity to store up to 40 cans, which should at least last you and your mates a game.

IRobot  Roomba 630


We can only imagine that you and your mates are going to be partaking in some hardcore snacking, which by the end of the night will make your carpet look like a Dorito and peanut minefield. So get yourself this little beauty, the Roomba 630.This robotic vacuum is designed to pick up animal hair so it will dispatch with your crumbs with ease, all the while you have a can in your hand and your feet up.

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill


You have got your mini fridge but now you fancy some grilled meat to enjoy, thankfully, we live in the 21st Century so that is not a problem. The Zoijirushi is a non-stick grill and is ideal for cooking steak, chicken, vegetables and burgers indoors. Literally all you have to do is turn to your side and slap some meat on the grill. It is also very easy to clean, hell, you can even stick it in the dishwasher.

If you are lucky enough to combine all four gadgets then your World Cup viewing will be second to none.

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