No matter if you’re freelancing full time or it’s just something you do on the side for some extra cash, having the right kind of equipment can total change your experience. Also, the domain you work in is not that relevant as these gadgets apply to a wide range of freelancing activity. We’ve set up a list with some of the most-useful gadgets as a freelancer nowadays. Here it is!

Headphones – Bose QuietComfort

We’ve all dealt with background noise and know how much of a distractor it can be for a freelancer. That amplifies if you’re in the audio field and need a quiet environment in order to make sure your work is top quality. Well, all those problems can be solved with one product and that’s the Bose QuietComfort. Wireless headphone that block all the external noise while offering a good battery life and a very fast recharge. The fact that they’re wireless comes as a huge plus as you will be freely to move around the house. You can connect the Bose headphone to multiple devices at the same time and managing all the devices is a piece of cake thanks to the free app that comes with them.

External Memory Device

Being a freelancer involves mobility quite often and even though the Cloud might be seen as the perfect solution to store data and have it accessible everywhere, what do you do when there’s no internet connection? Simple! You use a San Disk Extre PRO SSD which can provide anywhere between 240 and 960 GB of memory. You can store any kind of files and you can always count on the pro-level write and read speeds that this SSD offers. Also, thanks to the innovative nCache system, you will be able to load even the most graphics-intensive apps really fast.

Laptop Power Bank

Alright, so we dealt with the unpleasant situation when there’s no internet for you to be able to get work done. But that’s not the only hell for a freelancer. Even though the probability of being in a place that doesn’t offer any electricity source is more and more less likely, it can happen. Well, you can save the day with a Laptop Power Bank. No matter how many battery hours your laptop provides, it’s not going to last forever so having one of these gadgets in your backpack can save the day.

Providing several versions of power outputs like 20v/3A, 12V/2.5A or 5V/2rA to match all the possible power sources for known models out there, it is not only versatile but it will allow you to charge several devise at the same time. While charging your laptop for work, you can also charge your phone for some mobile casino pokies. Depending on the battery power of your laptop, it can offer up to 2 full charges which is precious time you win until you find a wall socket.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Even though it is one of the less-pleasant aspects of being a freelancer on the go, pickpocket incidents are as real as they get and it makes no sense avoiding the subject. You can’t be 100% sure that your stuff is safe and you won’t be in the situation of protecting yourself from pickpockets.

Luckily though, your chances just got a lot better with the XDDesign Bobby backpack that provides some really cool features. Several secret pockets, a hidden zipper as well as cut-proof materials are just a few of the features that will help keeping your gadgets safe. If you’re already interested and you think this is a good buy, wait until you hear about the USB charging port it comes with as well as the water-repellent fabric used to manufacture it and the illuminating strips.
So, these are just a few of the gadgets that should and will make your life easier as a freelancer. Each type of freelance activity has its own specifics so feel free to share the perfect gadget list for your field of work in the comments!

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