Five Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

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With so many new gadgets hitting the market in the past few years, it’s easy to take them for granted without acknowledging just how beneficial they’ve been to our lives. In fact, some have made such an impact that it’s almost impossible to think about how we’d survive without them.

One such example is actually from the motoring industry, an area where there aren’t many ingenious technological inventions as you might know them. There are all kinds involved in the process of making a car work of course, but there is one standout performer when it comes to car gadgets: the satnav.

This device uses satellites to pinpoint your location down to a few metres, helping to guide us to our destinations, whilst working out traffic, road closures and accidents along the way to ensure that we get to wherever we’re going on time and as easily as possible. Without them, we’d still be relying on maps (and inevitably ending up in an argument, as the passenger gives the wrong instructions), or printed directions from the Internet, which can’t be adjusted according to road closures.

The iPad is another ingenious creation that has become a phenomenon. One of the first tablet computers ever released onto the market, the handheld device now comes in a number of forms – black and white, standard size and mini. With the ability to do work, send emails, play games, take pictures and do everything you would with a computer.

When you go somewhere special, such as a sporting event or exotic destination, you want to document every part of your trip, and what better way than to do it with a digital camera. You can now take high quality photographs and upload them directly to your computer via the memory card or cable, which is far more efficient than the previous film method that needed days to develop.

The iPod is another great creation, allowing music fans to listen to the latest tracks wherever and whenever they like. Users can download music directly to the device from their computers and, depending on the size in terms of memory, can have thousands – if not tens of thousands – of songs to listen to.

In recent years we’ve seen the invention of HD television, and now they’ve gone one further and created 3D-TV. Viewers can now get the clearest ever pictures when wearing the glasses, as well as feeling as though they’re actually part of the show or film, rather than just a viewer.

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