Whether you want a gizmo to help you stay fit and active, something to enhance and complement your sporting activity, or a device that will help you to follow your favourite sports and keep up to date with all the latest news, there is a gadget out there for you. From the best apps for your tablet or smartphone to stand-alone marvels that will monitor your exercise levels, we take a look at some of the latest gadgets sure to appeal to sports fanatics.

 Fitness monitors

 There are numerous gadgets out there designed to get us out of our chairs and up and running – or cycling, or swimming, or whatever your preferred mode of cardiac exercise is. The Nike FuelBand is a wristband that monitors your movements, counts your steps and checks your fitness levels, while the Fitbit Charge HR estimates how many calories you are burning and even tracks your resting heart rate while you are asleep.

There is also a wide range of smartphone apps that track your exercise levels; these cover running, cycling, gym workouts and swimming among other activities, so you are sure to find one specifically designed for your particular regime. Running watches are nothing new, but the Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS takes them to the next level. This watch plans your schedule, tracks your activity in all kinds of detail and essentially acts as your personal trainer, advising you on how to improve your performance next time around.

Armchair enthusiasts

 If you're a sports fan who is happy just watching other people do the strenuous exercise, then there is also a gadget for you. Sky Sports offers a free app when you pay for a subscription, allowing you access to all four Sky Sports channels, plus Sky Sports F1, ESPN, Sky Sports News, At the Races and Sky News on your tablet or smartphone. The BBC Sports App and Talksport Android App are also well worth checking out.

For Formula One enthusiasts, the official F1 app has been criticised as expensive, but it is still the best way to follow your favourite teams and drivers and to stay up to date with live race features and the latest news, such as the recent F1 noise debate. Former FIA President Max Mosley has recently weighed in on the subject, and when Max comments on noise debate you can bet he knows what he's talking about. Throughout his presidency, Mosley was known for his strong stand on safety and environmental issues, and he remains committed to a wide range of charities and initiatives, so you will be hearing a lot more from him on all F1 news platforms.

One great thing about these gadgets is that they all get you out of your chair and away from the TV or computer screen. Even the apps for sports news and match reports can help keep you healthy as you can follow the game or the race while you're on the move, via your smartphone or tablet. If you have got an exercise monitor as well, you can keep track of the calories you are burning while you connect with your favourite sport.

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