Gadgeo GX-20 Earphones Review

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Gadgeo are a relatively new brand that produces iPhone accessories and earphones.

Priced at £19.99 with free delivery these earphones are targeting quite a large crowd including the excellent SoundMAGIC E10, the well established Sennheiser CX 300 II, or even the FSL Zinc earphones with a 3 year warranty.

The earphones come basically but nicely packaged, and as usual with in earphones such as these they come with multiple silicon tips to get the fit correct.

The earphones are quite lightweight, certainly lighter than the SoundMAGIC pair, they have a high quality braided cable which gives them a superior build quality to the SoundMAGIC too.

Personally I found the fit to be superb, they fit inside my ear with little movement at all and never fell out during exercise. Again the fit was superior to the SoundMAGIC pair.

Performance was good, all the tracks we played were clear with no obvious distortion and a solid bass. In comparison to the SoundMAGIC pair I found the bass to be less deep and rounded, and the overall I did not think the quality was quite on par with the SoundMAGIC.

Overall these are an excellent pair of earphones that are well worth the £19.99 and I think they are definitely worth considering if you struggle to find a decent fit with earphones.

You can buy the earphones from Gadgeo or Amazon for £19.99

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