Futuristic technologies that are already impacting the gaming world

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It’s a well-known fact that the number of people flocking to online casinos from different parts of the world is increasing at a very great pace today. Furthermore, the amount of money that is exchanging hands in the online gambling world today has made it imperative for the world’s best technical minds to come up with innovative solutions for this industry.

Technology has already had a major impact on both off-line and online casino industry. If we look into the future, the technologies that will impact the online and offline casino industry will not only be targeted at making these platforms easily accessible to players all over the world, but also on improving the customers’ overall experience, virtual felts and online/offline security.

Smart Facial Recognition

While this might seem like a security feature that a great number of films and media have made seem like something of a very distant future, a large number of casinos are already using this amazing technology today. If you look closely, these aren’t any ordinary CCTV cameras, but are the kinds capable of recognising faces and digging them out of huge databases consisting of everyone ranging from high rollers to cheaters. This technology also gives an excellent tool to the casino to personalise the customer experience, thus keeping a close watch on all suspicious people, while giving high rollers well-deserved VIP treatment.

Smart facial recognition software are nowadays being combined with another revolutionary technology – Nonobvious Relationship Awareness (NORA), enabling the casinos to prevent any cheating incidents. In fact, both these technologies are already being used in Las Vegas casinos. What NORA does is that it receives input from the facial recognition software and runs every bit of the received information against a database of known connections, in order to catch any cheaters who might be working in teams. It finds out if the concerned person has any type of prior connection with anyone else on the gaming floor, including the hotel guests and employees.

Mobile Gaming

Major advancements in the mobile tech has made it possible for anyone to play their favourite online casino games even while being on the move, in the most secure and convenient manner. You can enjoy these mobile casino games from your tablet PC, smartphone or any mobile device connected to the Internet. The foolproof security features of these casino apps give users the confidence to play freely, without any worries of losing money to unreliable programs. However, you should still make sure that you play these mobile casino games only on the best and reliable casino platforms.

Table Eye 21

This is a revolutionary software that tracks every bet made by the players, the number of hands being played and the percentage of wins on any blackjack table. Table Eye 21 makes use of overhead cameras, placed strategically right above the blackjack tables. The data obtained from these cameras is given the shape of statistical analysis of different players, in order to prevent any kind of unfair play. Any suspicious activity is communicated instantly to the casino operator.

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