Future of iGaming Technologies

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Today we are going to discuss iGaming and all related things you need to know about. For most of you, this is a well-known term that has been appealing and present for most of your life. But, it is changing right now. This happens thanks to the technology and below you can see a few things that are shaping the industry into something so much better.

What is iGaming?

iGaming may sound complicated according to sophisticated rules by regulators and like something you don’t know anything about, but it is extremely simple. It refers to online gambling. There are a lot of variations. In general, iGaming means that you will bet on the outcome of a game or a match. The most common options are betting and gambling. Although they look the same, they are completely different.

Betting refers to placing bets on sport outcomes such as football, basketball, and any other sport. You can bet on which team will win and which one will lose. Gambling refers to playing casino games such as slots, poker, roulette, and many others. You are gambling despite the fact which game you play at an online casino.

Recent Innovations in the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry has been known for massive changes and improvements that are applied on a regular basis. These are almost always based on new technologies and they have countless options, but they usually are used for one reason, to make the gambling experience much better.

These technologies, we will discuss more can be seen at NonGamStopSlots sites that accept UK players. These sites offer the latest systems, games, features and so much more that can transform the way you gamble and enjoy more than ever before. More payment options are available as well, so you can have more options for deposits and withdrawals.

Some of these technologies include VR. A player will with the help of a headset be able to walk around a virtual casino, play games, and interact with avatars. As you can see, the goal is to have the same experience as when you are gambling in a real casino, for example in Las Vegas. With improvements, this option will become even more realistic and more impressive.

Live dealer games are becoming more popular and more advanced as well. Even today you can see more sophisticated games that come in HD and offer superior streaming quality. In addition, these are paired with professional dealers.

The presence of advanced slots is an interesting technology. What this means is that a player can enjoy a slot that has a deep story, missions, and mini games. You will still need luck to win, but gaming is more appealing.

Artificial intelligence is very desirable for the iGaming industry. If an online casino implements this technology, players can expect instant and fast customer support that will resolve any issue within seconds. There is no need to wait anymore. The AI will be able to track your gambling activity and offer you bonuses and games that are perfect for you and your gambling style. Don’t forget that AI can help you by recommending new strategies, new offers and so much more. It will be like having a personal assistant that helps you gamble. Now you can feel like a professional gambler who plays with millions.

Future of the Industry

The future of the iGaming industry is definitely extremely appealing and stunning in the lack of a better word. We can see the presence of more advanced technologies, more convenient features such as simple payment, more options, and obviously things we cannot predict. For example, we will see more advanced games. VR gambling will become standard. Playing these games on your smartwatches will become an option as well.

Then we have games that are actually similar to video games. You will win according to your success and achievements not by luck. This is probably the most interesting option we have here and the one that will change online gambling into something more impressive. Believe it or not, these games are already being tested and implemented at some casinos. They are rare, but soon they won’t be.

There are major improvements in online safety that are mandatory for the future. These will include better encryption, more advanced verifications, and even special features. For example, you may be able to use your face to verify your account and sign in. This is something that can be implemented even today. Take face unlock from your iPhone as an example. It is extremely safe and extremely fast and easy to use.


The iGaming industry is massive and it is becoming even bigger and more impressive. Thanks to new technologies, we can expect to see stunning new online casinos that come with great features and offer you a type of online gambling that is perfect or at least one of a kind. Don’t forget that this industry is great for investing which will boost it and make it more advanced as well.

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