The Future of Home Cinema: The Best Experience Yet To Come

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Many of us are neglecting the trips to the cinema in exchange for putting our feet up in front of our own home theatre. With improvements in the technology constantly appearing, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to cool new features and upgrades.

But what is the next big thing for home cinema and how will it change our viewing experience? Well, this mystery is slowly starting to be revealed and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

Thousands of Films at your Fingertips

Online viewing is now standard for many households, with many televisions and systems having access to the internet. You are therefore able to watch last night’s episode of Eastenders, or the new release that has finally become available on Netflix on the big screen from the comfort of your own home. As this tech increases in popularity, and many more companies jump on the bandwagon, it is likely to eventually take over the DVD and Blu-Ray discs that are currently on sale. As the films take less time to become available online, there will be far less need to rush out to buy the disc and it seems as though it could be a dying form of entertainment in years to come.

One of the best features that the online sites such as Netflix, LoveFilm and BBC iPlayer have are that from watching programmes and films, it starts to gauge what your tastes are. You can therefore sit back and relax while your television does the work for you and comes up with a list of recommendations tailored to you.

This allows you to watch films or programmes you may never have even thought of but will actually love. When looking for a television that is perfect for your home cinema and has the ability to connect to the internet so you can watch your desired films, visit White Rose Aerials who supply home cinema systems.

The Ultimate Picture Quality

4K resolution has recently been released, which is currently the ultimate viewing experience around, but even though this technology is still in its infancy for home use, we now know that our eyes have the ability to sense the difference of up to 6k which hints that in the future this will become available. This is set to be the clearest and most detailed image ever to exist on a television screen, and will only heighten the excitement of a jam packed action movie or a colourful musical. Current 4K televisions are still fairly expensive, so it could be a while before we see any 6K sets appearing on the market, however, when they do they are set to be an astounding move forward in technology and perfect for your home cinema.

Surround Sound that Thinks for Itself

IMAX has been known for years as one of the market leaders in all things cinema; within their theatres they have a number of microphones that pick up if the sound isn’t quite right. This then sends a signal to the speakers which change their settings to be correctly tuned, so if this could be incorporated into home cinemas it would make a whole new experience for the viewer. We can spend hours on end picking just the right settings and can usually never get it just right. So to have a system that alters itself for each movie would be an amazing advance in technology. Fingers crossed that soon, the quality of an IMAX theatre is available for within your own home.

This post was written by Amy Bennett on behalf of White Rose Aerials, the home cinema suppliers for the North East.

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